Saturday, June 16, 2012


Lately, Pizza Hut appeals less to me, partly because I find the crust to be rather oily. And service has deteriorated too. During a visit some time back, the table we were seated at was sticky and the cutlery didn't look too clean either. So, if we do Pizza Hut, it's mostly takeaways, which is not very often now.

These days I prefer the crust to not leave a layer of oil on my hand after holding them. And that has gotten us trying out different pizza joints.

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Italiannies is located at the ground floor of Gurney Paragon Mall. It looks like a nice hang out place in the evenings with company. With Euro Cup on now, I guess it will be filled with people whenever there are crowd puller matches. Football has a way bringing people together and works fans to a frenzy... even though the matches don't involve our team.

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Bread for starters and on the house. The waitress asked us if we wanted more after we finished these, which we declined. The stomachs can only take so much. I've never taken fresh bread wih olive oil mixed with herbs. But it was surprisingly good. The black dash is balsamic vinegar. It gives this added oomph to the flavours. But go easy on that. Vinegar is sour. The bread felt soft and tasted fresh.

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For our first order, we had oven roasted stuffed mushroom with minced stuffed, cheese included, and a small dollop of paste on it. They are served on a layer of creamy sauce. The sauce was really good. We scooped it clean.

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Free Kids Meal... spaghetti in Alfredo sauce. Daughter loves all these cheesy stuff. The portion was just nice for her. We pinched a little bit from her and found it to be creamy.

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The main order - Pizza Enorme. And it was huge! All 16 inches of it. This is a thin crust pizza, and yup! Minus the oily feel. It's meant for 5-6 people, according to the menu. It's one pizza, 4 flavours; pepperoni, turkey ham, pineapple, shrimp and mushroom, and roasted garlic. Only I didn't mind the pineapple, shrimp and mushroom section. The rest didn't like it, I guess because of the 'sea' smell... I think mainly the shrimps. But I thought the natural flavour of the shrimp wasn't too bad. Had to force Son to finish the last piece (from the shrimp section) because we were so full.... BTW, this is one of their signature dishes.

This is a place we might go back again.... anyway for filling up their feedback form, they sent an SMS and offered us a bread pudding... on the house. Not bad!


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