Sunday, May 16, 2010

Husband and Wife...

The big day.... for Daniel and Emily.
Daniel & Emily
An afternoon of chasing pictures... more of Other Half's chase, actually since he was one of the 'official' photographers....
Daniel & Emily
An evening of being reminded again how blessed our journey with our spouses have been... weddings have a way of doing that.
Daniel & Emily
Then a night of fellowship over dinner. That's how I'd sum up the first wedding of WMC.
Daniel and Emily
Marriage... embarking on a new life together.
Daniel & Emily
I've always liked the exchange of the wedding vows... and like many who were there, we were reminded of our own vows taken so long ago. And also to those about to walk down the aisle..... It's good to be reminded...
Daniel & Emily
Family and friends turned up from near and far.. Everyone hung around a while for some photo shoots.
Daniel & Emily
Then we adjourned for the wedding makan besar... straight from the church to the restaurant. Bride and groom were punctual to the dot. It's the guests who were trickling in, stretching our rubberized time.
Daniel & Emily
So, to Daniel and Emily, hope and prayers for everything good in a blessed journey together!


Dino said...

I miss wedding dinner makan!!
Its been 12 years since i had one.

AJ7 said...

Then time for you to consider... 8)

Thomas C B Chua said...

Hello, AJ 7, we r back. " veli lomentik wedding." ..may they live happily ever after. Don't believe this line! May they work extra hard at making their marriage glow and shine, and God help them.

AJ7 said...

Thomas... good to have you popping in. Pass by your house a couple of times.... I trust both you and your better half had a good trip? 8)

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