Saturday, May 15, 2010


Daniel & Emily
This is the first wedding at our new church premise. And it"s been almost 2 years since we moved here. Daniel and Emily have the honour of being the first couple to be married in this premise. 8)
Daniel & Emily
Two hearts become one.... and also all the other hearts who made it easier and possible. Labour of love from those around; friends spent Friday morning (and evening) doing up the sanctuary for the wedding ceremony.... thumbs up to the young people...
Daniel & Emily
An effort by all... it's good to be able to come together like this.
Daniel & Emily
Cut, cut, cut... then arrange, arrange, arrange.... long time ago, our friends did all these things for us too..... 8)
Daniel & Emily
All ready for the big event of their lives today.... simple and minimalistic. A blessed journey to these 2... 8)

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Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ 7, a small secret to disclose 2 u......... We always renew our own vows at every marriage we attend. He he he....


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