Friday, May 21, 2010

The Silent Sea... by Clive, Cussler and Jack Du Brul

Book 21....

This is is a story of a modern day treasure hunt packed with action, of a repressive military junta and a group of gung ho swashbucklers armed to the teeth with high tech gadgets and brains that save the day. It also helps that these swashbucklers have their own high tech naval ship with a state of the art equipment and weapons. The Oregon is headed by Cabrillo who is known as the Chairman since his outfit is run like a corporation; private but not quite private kind of outfit.

And the bad guys are the Argentines and Chinese; Argentina cos that's where lots of Nazis ended up, I supposed and China because it's communist. Gone are the days when the bad guys would be the Russians. This novel is an adventure that brought the hero, Juan Cabrillo and his merry men (plus one woman) into the jungles of Argentina and the cold harsh Antartica. The downing of a satellite brought Cabrillo and his men into the jungles of Argentina. The rescue mission was action packed with lots of everything; enough to keep you wanting to know what's next. In the mission, they accidentally stumbled onto an old blimp (The Flying Dutchman) in the jungle... lost after WWII. A parch preserved in a condom from the blimp held keys to the lost treasures on The Silent Sea... a huge Chinese junk which had untold treasures on her when it sank. Incidentally I decided to read up about the history of condoms from Wikipedia as I thought the condom is a recent invention. Boy! Was I wrong! An interesting read....

The wonders of what a little twisted fact can do to a book... the author cleverly creates a fictitious admiral (Admiral Tsai Song) latched onto the glory hey days of Chinese greatness in the oceans... from the days of Admiral Zheng He. And then a little drama with how a whole ship went mad because of Mad Cow's Disease (CJD) and had to be scuttled with her sick crew. Then more suspense with the modern 'bad guys' trying to lay claim on Antartica... and finally how a band of men (and one woman) 'brought' down the ambitions of Argentina and China. Swashbuckling kind of adventure even by modern standards for sure.

BTW, the heroes (and heroine) in the novel not only have the brawn but are geeky nerds as well. Geeks with physical prowess... cool!. Overall, I enjoyed this read.

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Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure that I had not read about Admiral Tsai Song in my high school History Class. Thanks for the article. Dick in Farmington Mo. Class of 54.