Monday, May 31, 2010

Chicago Rib House....

This was one of our trips for more for 'makan' than anything else.
Chicago Rib House
Chicago Rib House... There was another branch at Juru Autocity but they have ceased operating there. This one is at Gurney Plaza, Penang Island. And since we were in a 'ribs' mood, Other Half and I decided to make the drive even though we were quite tired from the hot air balloon 'adventure' earlier in the morning.
Chicago Rib House
That's what the menu says... but I think 'Westerns' look more or less the same.
Chicago Rib House
This is complimentary appetizers from the house... fried 'battered' mushrooms. I didn't know they were giving away free appetizers for now. The mustard (and honey??) sauce enhances the taste of the mushroom. They were much better than the one that we had at Manhattan Fish & Co we had a couple of weeks back. I could at least 'taste' the mushroom under the coat of batter.
Chicago Rib House
Pina Colada... or strained pineapples. Also contains rum and cream of coconut. Not too bad.
Chicago Rib House
Also had this version of nuggets. They call it Tender Chicken Pieces, I think. Chicken pieces served in a glass. More of a novelty than anything. Tasted real...
Chicago Rib House
The reason for our trip.... St Louis Pork Ribs. We ordered a whole rack of it. Unlike beef, pork is usually more tender and absorbs the taste of the marinate. The side dish we chose was the coleslaw and mashed potato. The mashed was nice, it's buttery enough for that extra flavour. Coleslaw is just nice too... not overwhelmed by the dressing.
Chicago Rib House
BBQ Beef which all of us agreed was much better than the one we had at Tony Roma's @ The Curve. Beef tends to maintain its own smell and taste. And it's tougher. The fragrant rice which Son ordered was fluffy and appetizing. Fries were good but I'd have preferred to try their other side dishes.

Lunch was okay. We sapu bersih everything. One thing nice about this place is you can have pork and beef together.

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Dino said...

Tony Roma sucks big time.
I hate it.


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