Monday, March 1, 2010

Tony Roma's @ CineLeisure, Mutiara Damansara

Another one of our food forays, this time during our recent KL trip.
Tony Roma
This latest one is western and at Tony Roma's, CineLeisure (eCurve). How did we end up there? Well, it was recommended by a school friend. That was our early dinner before we headed for home. We ordered their Roma Sampler (RM39.90) which consisted of an onion loaf, buffalo wings and slices of baked potatoes with cheese. The onion loaf (the one like a yam ring) was a new experience for me but one can only take that much of it before being overwhelmed by it. The onion loaf is actually like onion rings but presented in a circular loaf. The buffalo wings were quite nice. Overall taste - not bad.
Tony Roma
I ordered the 10z Ribeye Steak; that's the menu description; done medium with 2 side dishes; corn and ranched beans. A generous portion of butter accompanied the corn but somehow the butter didn't quite taste buttery enough for my liking. Friend said Wagyu steak would literally melt in your mouth. But I wasn't ready to spend that much on a slab of meat. You get Kobe beef from wagyu cattles also... that's why they cost a bomb!
Ribeye Steak
That's how the actual order looked like. The steak was okay but to claim that it's 'most flavourful? I think I need a bit more convincing. It's definitely better than most of the cheaper steaks I've tried but definitely not 2 times better... since it's almost 2 times the price. LOL!
Bountiful Ribs
Son ordered Ribs Sampler (RM60.90) with 2 side dishes, mashed potato and ranched beans.... the ribs were a little overdone I feel. Made them kinda chewy and tough. Can't go very wrong with beans and potatoes as side dishes.

When I checked the bill upon arriving home, I found out that we were supposed to be given 2 complimentary baguettes with a slob of butter. Guess what? We never got the bread. 8( That has left a bad impression on me cos there weren't that many patrons while we were there.... only a few tables were occupied.
Tony Roma,ECurve
Overall, I think the food is just not that spectacular. Perhaps I should compare it to TGIF since both restaurants are similar. There's similarity in the interior. But I think TGIF's food is a notch better. Other Half and I were thinking if we want really good ribs or steak, perhaps we should look for an individual proprietor restaurant; with food prepared by a real cook with passion for cooking. Tony Roma's, TGIF... they're basically franchise restaurants.

The early dinner lasted till we got home. Made it home to Alor Setar in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Wonders of modern travel. But then again, in China these days, you can be staying in a hotel 800 km away and the train only takes 2 hours to get you back to the hotel. We have no such trains, so still have to rely on our own set of wheels. Good experience nevertheless, Tony Roma's. Anyway, we've been on the road chalking up miles every fortnightly since the beginning of January; Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Taiping, Kuala Kurau, Sitiawan, Putrajaya and KL.


PreciousPearl said...

those ribs don't look like they have much meat on them...
so, hope u r enjoying the M'sia-trotting so far :D

AJ7 said...

Malaysia trotting is actually quite fun..... 8) Wanna join?

Dino said...

Been to Tony Roma's when i was back there 2 years ago. For what you paid for, the food sucks. I prefer hawker food anytime back there.

monay said...

wow the 4 ribs sampler for 60+ and overdone, is highway robbery....
This is more like it....
Wonder how much they charge for that in Malaysia... :) I make a mean T-bone steak, remind me to serve you that next time...:D Now that hubby has discovered filet mignon, there's not enough to go around.....

AJ7 said...

Dino: LOL! If I were in your shoes, hawker fare would too.
Monay: I'll claim that steak you mentioned. 8) Price wise, Tony Roma's fare here is cheaper if you were to compare RM for Dollar. Can't be serving the Sampler for RM15, can they... since our currency here is so small compared to the greenback.