Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Look At Our Education System

Do we get dumbed down by education? A thought provoking suggestion of a paradigm shift... All educators and parents should listen to this.

For those interested to learn and improve themselves, this video is found at The Educator's PLN (Personal Learning Network). I deem it a gold mine! The stuff they have on the site beat any courses that I've attended lately. Also, instead of making us waste our time pushing paper and data, they should inspire us, or at least give us time and space to educate ourselves since they are unable to. I've had these list of sites which I've been meaning to visit but did not have the time due to the senseless pushing of paper at work.

Or encourage the building of websites such as Shmoop which provides resources for teachers. This site is tailored for the US. I especially like their Biography, Shakespeare and Bestsellers sections... with ready write-ups. I've read many of the books on the Bestsellers list and I like what they do there. Great ideas for teaching... if you have kids with good enough command of English.
This is another one from StoryCorps about a Mexican family who crossed over to the US for a better life. It's done in a way to make us appreciate the diversity.

It's so different here in Malaysia. Take the brouhaha about Interlok, the literature component for Bahasa Malaysia. Many Indians are unhappy because they feel that the novel is subtly instilling racial superiority. Or the recent action of a Chinese school which decided to reject the free offer of Utusan newspapers because the Board felt that it's a move to brainwash kids. We do not celebrate each race's positive traits sincerely. Rather, we instill suspicion... we say we are integrating, but at the same time have practices which seem to sow all these seeds of disunity...

Education... we need to have another look at our education system.... if they are really serious about the 1Malaysia thing.

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