Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Confession... by John Grisham

Have not read a Grisham book for quite a while. Other books by him which I've read include The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Partner, The Runaway Jury.... just to name a few that I can remember.

Like the rest of his books which I have, this one also has something to do with the law. And it doesn't quite end with a happy ending. Well, wrong were righted in the end, but not after great losses.

A kid gets arrested for murder. Corrupt officials wanting to see a quick resolution use all means to get a confession. He gets the death sentence. After 9 years on the death row, he dies after lethal injections were administered. Meanwhile, the real murderer confesses at the last minute, televised publicly. But officials think it was a nutcase vying for cheap publicity. So all the institutions which were put in place to ensure 'right' is carried out fail to right the wrong, not even in giving more time to clear the claim. And an innocent man went to his death....

We read about a State Governor who is more concerned about his ratings than show mercy, what more with a probable doubt. We see courts made up of judges who are more concerned about their golf rounds than see that a stay is given since there were probable reasons for doubt. And when they fail, we read about the government officials failing to be the check and balance. We also see court officials who are more interested to conclude a case because of their racial bias. And so a young innocent man who lost his youth to the system dies.

As in real life, innocence does not guarantee an absolution or exoneration. The system often fails us because it is made up of people. Our institutions are often formed with noble aims but the executors very often get carried way by the power and wealth after some time.

And in real life, that happens a lot... justice may prevail but sometimes it takes a long turn and time. Sometimes you don't get to see it prevail at all. The innocent often have to suffer. This read brings out more feelings of disappointment than anything but I feel it's a close reflection to how the world operates.

Recently a friend of mine was involved in an accident. She made all the necessary reports as she needed to get the copies for insurance claim so that repairs can be made. The Sergeant in charge told her that things would be faster if she were to send her car to the workshop he recommended than the one she wanted to send.... I find it strange and can't but wonder whether I smell rat here. Cos, it shouldn't matter where she wants to send her car for repair. The police officer's job is just to take the report and complete it within a certain time... which I think would be clearly stated in their work process documents. Now she is being told that it might take 2 weeks or maybe even longer.... now isn't this an indication that our institution is not functioning as it should. Now I wonder whether this Sergeant has been entrenched there so long that he feels he can dictate where accident victims must send their vehicles for repair....

Oh one more thing! Hosni Mubarak is finally out after 30 years as President of Egypt with a fortune worth about USD40 - 70 billion!!!! I wonder what of our rich tycoon politician in Bumi Kenyalang with his recently acquired young wifey....

Book 6... a real novel after a few 'pseudo' ones.. 8)

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Eesti said...

This one will arouse many emotions as the peek into how the system works and could very well not work and put a lot of innocent people away or allow a guilty person to go free. This is a frustrating look into human nature at its best and at its worst. This can be a frightening book for some to swallow but that's not to say that the reader will not be totally entertained and totally enlightened to things he may not have been exposed to before. The reader will taste every human emotion, a lot of ugly ones, but I guarantee that this book won't be put down for very long. Very well done!