Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY 2011

It's still CNY cos CNY is supposed to last for 15 days and today is just the 5th day. There're 10 more days to go. But for most of us, those days that really count are the New Year's eve and the first few days. Cos New Year's Eve is when the whole family from far and near gather together.
CNY Dinner
And this year, I got to celebrate CNY with my bros, something that I've not done for a long, long time. I think it meant a lot to my parents. Would have been perfect if my sis could make it. My gal had a whale of a time... with cousins from both sides.

I also met up with some of the guys in my year, many whom I've not seen for ages, some since Form 5. One was Victor. We were together for tuition under my dad at KL's place where we'd purposely go earlier so that we could play together... hide and seek being one of the games. We'd climb up to the roof, go into the huge longkang.... wonderful memories I have of those 2 years! ...of the whole wall of books at KL's place which used to mesmerize me! And oh! The space! Of Audrey, whom we teasingly called Speedy Gonzales cos she was so fast on her feet and of Jean whom I'm still in contact today.

The whole bunch of us bumped into Mr. & Mrs. Tay with their children at the restaurant. She's 81 this year. And it's amazing how all of us jumped to our feet when she came in, the deference and fondness we share for her. Many of our lives were touched by this amazing lady one way or the other. Her tireless, unending commitment to the young people through her work in the IMYF.... many owe what we've become to her. There's an African saying that it takes a whole village to raise good kids... she epitomizes the effort of the village. The humility she shows despite their social standing.... At 81 she is still serving God. I could think of a few of my bosses whom I'd not pay a second glance should I bump into them.... the arrogance they display.

I met up too with Jean, Yu Lin and Chin. It's always difficult to meet up with the 'girls'... but we had a good time, hanging out for a late breakfast and catching up. It's nice to share that sort of familiarity that only old friends provide... like the old comfy bolster. We visited Chin's mom too....

Time with family members, friends.... a reminder that our days on earth are limited too cos when we get together with friends who grew up with us, there are lots that we share. We watch each other's parents grow old, we see our kids gain inches over us. We hear of friends leaving us.... We empathize for each other in a deeper way... Life's cycle visits us at almost the same time....
CNY Fun Fair
Also the sights and sounds associated with CNY.... this year, the kids had a time of their lives watching the fireworks display. The sky was dotted with flashes of fireworks and lighted lanterns. Other Half and Son think that Tangled had something to do with the more than usual lanterns in the sky. We also took them to the fun fair. There were a lot of firsts for my gal at the fair. 8)

There were also some unpleasant moments... as always when there are meetings of people. But as long as the communication channels are opened, as long as there is willingness, there is always hope to move forward. Another one was my boss who refused to take the eve off, till she attended a meeting and realized most if not all schools were taking one day off. So at the eleventh hour, we took off too. But the opportunity for goodwill was lost...

One more was when our car window was smashed by a petty thief at church.... of all places! I find myself wanting to curse the perpetrator to a miserable existence. The window can be replaced but the inconvenience.... *sigh* But then again, perhaps we'd be moved to take more safety precautions after this. It's a bit difficult to make any headway with the leaders sometimes.....
CNY Dessert
So like all other celebrations.. meaning during CNY comes when there is meeting of lives and like the dessert above we had, they sweeten our lives. And this year, I'm glad that I was able to meet up with some more old friends. 8)

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