Thursday, February 24, 2011

N for Nitpicking...

Am in the mood for my own alphabet series.... the letter is N and the word is nitpicking.

Nitpicking is defined as being obssessively concerned about inconsequential things. And many of us are nitpickers at one time or the other.

We like to nitpick even though the things that we nitpick are of no use. We nitpick to find fault with people too because we are prejudiced. Nitpickers bog people down cos they are so tiresome to deal with. But I think they are tiresome because they are basically frustrated people. Or it could be nitpickers are unhappy people... they pick on the inconsequential because they are unhappy with their lives sometimes. So, they nitpick to make others misreable, as misreable as them. Happier people or those with more than enough or even those who feel that life has treated them well are less likely to nitpick.

Being a nitpicker usually also shows on one's physical appearance as it also bogs the nitpicker down. Your face, which is the window to your soul begins to reflect the contents of your heart. So, it is not uncommon to find nitpickers often looking dour and surly. They usually don't have much good things to say about the world they are in or the people around them. My Muslim friends often remind me that senyuman itu satu sedekah... unfortunately many nitpickers seldom smile. They find very little reason to smile... how to when they are constantly finding faults, other people's...

Spending time with the nitpicker can be very depressing as a result. They nitpick practically everything, all the more when the judgement becomes clouded by their emotions. They think they are qualified to nitpick because they are superior; when in actual fact it might just be the opposite. Unhappiness and inferiority often bring out the worse in us. Ted Bundy the serial killer was a introverted and shy kid... unhappy with the way he was rejected by his girlfriends.... he went on a killing binge.

Nitpickers are not just hard to work with but probably also hard to live with... nothing is good enough for them. I sometimes have to remind myself not to be one... being the fussy pot that I am sometimes about how things should go or be done. Over the years, it's been a humbling experience to learn that I am full of flaws too.... but a nitpicker I am not going to be... a constant reminder I have to give.

But in every negative thing there's also something positive if we care to look for them. Nitpicking often also refers to cari kutu... or removing lice. Lice is not good for our heads, that's for sure. Nitpicking means removing those unhealthy elements too.

But more often the negative seems to win this tug-a-war of the same rope... it consumes us and swallows us whole till it becomes larger than life... ours!

Nitpicking and brainsick... they sound kinda nice together too. Cos we become nitpickers when our brain becomes sick.

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daboss said...

dem! after reading your post, i realized that i am a nitpicker! :(

*runs away*

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