Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Most Exciting Job Now..

...for me I think it has to be journalist. The world is so connected now... and there are so many things happening everywhere at one go; natural disasters and political upheavals, the latter gripping many of our imaginations.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen.... I never imagined that I would see such 'excitement' coming from that region. When I think of North Africa and Middle East, 2 words come to mind immediately - oppression and oil. Oil - everyone knows they are rich because they sit on a huge pile of black gold. And it has made them rich. I've never been there and my little knowledge is gleaned from the books I read and common sense. I think it's tough for the weaker sex there generally. Libya is not too bad where opportunities for women are concerned though. No rights, no identity... So if there is no oppression people will not be rising up to kick up all these long-staying leaders. Gaddafi has been in power 42 years!!!! That's almost like a monarchy.

I know see the wisdom of the old practice... a person sitting too long in the same office/position... power gets into the head. Pride and arrogance seep in. Complacency becomes a shadow.... China is worried. One party, one system; ideal for corruption to thrive... now they have the budding of their own Jasmine Revolution... (how's that for domino effect. Back in the 50s and 60s, they were afraid of the domino effect of communism spreading throughout Asia).

So to be a journalist, I guess would be the most exciting job for now. In Egypt a Google exec started a FB group which got the 'revolution' going. Imagine! The newspeople did a good job of getting info out. The dangers they faced and the possibility of losing their lives. I guess in such times, balanced and fair journalism is every regime's nightmare. Al-Jazeera is one such media institutions. Can't say much for our own mainstream media though....

I read with interest a Chinese school in Pahang turning down free Utusan paper. A friend of mine told me about the free papers given to Chinese schools a couple of days ago... Anyone with a fair sense of mind would agree with the Utusan paper is thrash. It eschews everything right, fair and balanced that is supposed to be the mainstay of good journalism. That's our Malaysian media.... mouthpieces for the masters they serve. I thought journalist are not supposed to serve any masters.

Anyway, I salute all those journalists who put their lives in harm's way to get a story. I salute their bravery and also their effort to make the world a better place.


PreciousPearl said...

aiyoh, it's not so syok lah. I'd been following the Lara Logan assault case recently, and who could forget the way the BBC's Kate Adie used to get into places that the male reporters could not reach?

see this piece from the NY Times:

AJ7 said...

But no journalists also cannot lah... not just for the reporting but for the educating part too...