Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Handphones In School

Long break from blogging. Been bogged down with so many things. And laziness has also crept in. Also, there were major events taking place.....

Putrajaya gives nod for handphones for schools. Good idea? Well, many articles I read seems to indicate so. Today's classroom has changed and is still changing. Learning is suposed to have undergone a total makeover. And I agree.... if you truly appreciate and understand its benefits... and can exercise self control.

Gadgets and mobiles in school. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I think it's awesome for teaching and learning. On the other hand, the reality I'm familiar with tells me that it's just going to be an added distraction, a super one.

Instead of sleeping in class because they are so bored and disinterested or just plain couldn't care the least.....

hurling these small little red birds to hit just as ridiculous things on screen might just make their eyes come alive. As it is too, many don't pay attention... so I guess the mobiles might train their already adept fingers to message faster, teach them the art of multi-tasking and helping them stay awake with something that they re truly interested in. Well, the SMS language will certainly thrive. Not too bad since the world we know today is getting short on attention span. The old style of writing is almost a dying skill.

Gadgets... I think tablets are great for learning. Ebooks will definitely be more fun than the boring textbooks which undergo changes only after every decade. Apps might add more fun into learning; and will definitely enhance classroom activities. The problem is many teachers are still noobs at this technology. To un-noob them I think is an uphill task. Recently, I attended a course on NetSupport. And guess what! The teacher as well as the people from the PKG who were the trainers were absolutely boring. And they seemed clueless at times. Now, how can semi clueless and uninspiring trainers produce inspired teachers?

In our skewed system, the selection of teachers are also skewed. Instead of getting really good people, we take in the mediocre... Again... Mediocrity breeding excellence? Only in Bolehland. Teachers who do not put in effort to upgrade themselves are aplenty these days. That's why one finds so many pasar malam wannabe traders in staff rooms.... Raya is coming soon. Silk, batik cloths will be making their presence felt. Cookies and cakes too. So will tudungs, bras, underwears, shoes and corset too.... for those who must present a pseudo shapely look after all the stuffing.

Handphones.... Is it a good idea? I think we might not be quite ready for the slew of cons. The pros are plenty, I know. But I just wonder whether this is a good idea. In schools like mine, discipline is already a problem. Students have become so emboldened in recent months that some actually have begun smoking in classes right before classes begin. Handphones will just add on to the already deteriorating situations. The mindset is not there. It's not ready. And while I acknowledge the good that it mighf bring, as a parent I'd rather not have my kid bring a mobile to school. The pitfalls are too many... Disinterested kids are disinterested for many reasons... Not just because learning is boring. ....

Handphones in school.... bad idea unless we jam signals during classes. Or change the mindset.

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