Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time Flies....

Was clearing some stuff around the house when I came across this old newspaper cutting, of my gal's first day at school. I snapped a pic of it and kept it. It so happened that the newspaper reporter was doing his rounds at her school that day.
Time flies... kids grow up way too fast. Her big bro is leaving home to further his studies. She'll miss her big bro. We will miss him too. One by one they leave home, just like we did years ago....
When we held our boy when he was born, we knew he was ours for a limited time.... to enjoy (and of course to torment us at times too, especially during the tumultous teenage years). Those years are knocking on her door now... 8( I hope it'll be a calmer ride - for her and us.
Each phase comes with it its own challenges and fun.... And it reminds us too that we are moving on... as young as we might still feel in our heart, the kids' leaving their age of innocence behind is a constant reminder that change is taking place.
The circle of life.... The Lion King. I remember feeling impatient about wanting to grow up when I was a kid. I realised that the adults of my kiddy days were right. There wasn't any need to rush in growing up. Everything will happen in its own time. We should just each moment that we are in. Live the present. Embrace it. Each one is one of the many smaller pieces that make the bigger picture of our life.

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Thomas C B Chua said...

Saw on NATGEO how a mother eagle nudged her baby off her nest perched high up on a steep slope.The young eagle frantically flapped and flapped its wings to be air borne. Mother eagle watched with her keen eyes at every move made by her young. Finally, the young eagle managed to be air borne, soared and glided in the air. There was a sense of joy in the mother's face. And at that instant her nest is empty !