Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics 2012

Went back home to see our parents during the weekend. I wasn't even aware that it was the Olympic weekend. The Olympics is one event which used to be a major highlight for me. But these days, there seem to be so many things that need my attention. But this time, it was Mom who got me started on it.

Mom who had never seemed to take interest in such things surprised me by telling me quite a bit about the Olympics. I was surprised when she said she intended to watch. I gave a non-commital answer as I had just spent 3.5 hours behind the wheels. But at 3.30 a.m., I dragged myself out from the bed. I turned on the TV, something which I have not done for eons.... Mom came out from the room and soon we were watching the Opening ceremony together. Off and and on, she would disappear to the kitchen to do the housework. Yup! Mom is never the one to sit still. For as long as I can remember, we could hear her working through the house in the mornings... And I think for as long as she is able, she'll continue to do that...

My favourite part of the Opening... lighting of the Olympic fire. Thought it was a nice touch, youths and unknowns. The future and the masses, ordinary folks like us. The Opening was a little hard to understand if you don't know your world history, compounded by our commentators who don't seem to be inspiring viewers with snippets of information which would have made things nicer and clearer. The UK has a long and complicated history, and it's also one that is woven into the rest of the world. We had to put up with the same bland delivery that has been the norm. Should have just used the syndicated commentators minus the voiceovers.
As in every trip home, we'd try to get our fix of familiar food... kampuan and wanton with foochow meatballs in loo-chek.
There were also other makan sessions. Took our parents and aunty for dinner at Happy Restaurant where I met our Transport Minister. We were a given a treat by him. In a small town that we grew up, most of us sort of know each other. The Minister's family is no stranger to ours. Yet as I watched him, I couldn't but help feel sorry for him because people are generally quite fed-up these days. I know I am.
Cendol... James' Cendol to be exact. James is not here these days.

This is his grandson. James is apparently in KL. He has set up business there, with a friend of ours from what I gathered. The cendol is doing well, as it should cos I think it's way better than the famous Kimberly Street cendol. Son was usually the one who would ask to go for cendol but this time, to our surprise, our gal requested for a bowl before pushing off.
Had a good time... As we grow older (and sometimes crankier) good moments sometimes become hard to come by because they get buried by the crankiness. But this was a good trip...cherish the moments.
I went home this weekend and watched the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics..... with Mom!

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