Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of the Year School Roundup

I like end of the school year, especially this year cos I just don't seem to be able to get back into grind at work after the flood. The mind is numb and the body is tired. Many of my colleagues are feeling the same.

But the usual tasks await. There are tables and chairs to arrange for the SPM exam, JOB to check, classrooms to prepare, lots and lots of paperwork like our Annual Appraisal Forms (SKT) to fill in; the nitty gritty that must be completed before we close for the year; basically lots of housekeeping to do.

But what I find meaningless is the SKT or our Appraisal Forms. We are told to submit them every year. But most appraisals are meaningless. These days to get the Excellent Service Award means you are in the bosses' good books or you have made your impression (not necessarily one that makes a difference to the students). Making a 'good' impression does not necessarily mean you have taught well. Very often, it's the kay-poh jobs that you've taken up. Kay-poh jobs doesn't mean it's something that touches or make a difference to a kid's life. It's more about making your bosses look good. Well, that's how most appraisals look to us.

So, what one of my colleagues did was to download samples of extensively written SKT from the Net for us to copy. The whole idea is to make your SKT look good. LOL! That's how our civil service is like today... more about appearance than substance cos if you take a good look at the bosses who sit up there today, I think they don't quite measure up in many sense of the word.

End of the year... this year, I welcome it with relief cos it feels nice not to have to get up so early in the morning to go to work for a while. But overall, this year's closing term doesn't seem to have those light moments associated to the impending hols.

Add that to the fact that my school is still on though many schools have decided to close a day earlier. She seems to think that we don't work enough! Everyone seems to be still in a blur... probably all the adrenaline spent last week. Happy holidays!!!!

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