Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Nicholas Sparks

No 47. This is a book which I 'jumped' back and front (and back again) cos it was simply too predictable. I didn't quite enjoy it probably cos I am not a romance novel fan. Finished this book before the flood hit Alor Setar.

The story is about a young widow who finally falls in love again. There are 2 guys; one a sophisticated engineer and the other her late husband's best friend who is a mechanic. The engineer is actually an obsessive and controlling freak who becomes the heroine's nightmare. His jealousy turned him into a deceptive and murderous stalker. The mechanic turns into her saviour.

I find the plot draggy; as though the author was trying to prolong the book. I got impatient and read the ending half way through. This is one rather difficult book to finish. I guess perhaps compounded by the fact that I wasn't in a romance-thriller mood. I think I'll give Sparks' books a break for a while.

Have not been able to concentrate well in my reading since the flood... the mind tends to shut down or wander after a while.

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