Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flood Season...

I was on my way to school this morning and I noticed there were unusually many cars parked on the shoulder of the road.... the flood is back! In most of the villages, the water has been rising since yesterday.

Back in the 2005, we didn't have rain but the water came rushing down from the north. This time, we've been having rain and further up north, it's also pouring. The water is slowly moving southwards and to the coastal areas.

Arrived at school, there're less students. It's exam season now. Hopefully, this will be a reminder not to hold exams this late in the year. These days, they want to push as much 'academic' time as possible into the school year; which I think takes the fun out of school.

Some of my colleagues' houses have also been flooded, some up to knee deep. Some have already moved out. The cleaning will be massive. Flood waters always bring in the mud and if you don't clean them as the water recedes, it's going to be horrendous cleaning them.

Flood also means a possibility of no power supply and water supply as sub-stations and pump houses get inundated. We had to do without power for a few days back in 2005. Most of my neighbours moved out till the water receded! It's going to be a few days of anxious waiting for many.

But this time around, with FB we get better eye-witness report too of the flood situation in certain places! But this wonder of technology will only be available only if there is power supply. Little towns like Changlun literally came alive with traffic crawl as stretches of the highway got flooded.

Update 9.58 p.m.
Yup! Water level is going up in my area. I can already see cars from the village parked near my house. Took a drive with my neighbour in the evening, and the water is rising fast. Called a few friends.... in Jitra, some buildings are 5-6 feet under water. Jitra was difficult to access today as all its major roads were under water. Going by the last experience, it takes about 2 days for the water there to get here. And tonight's the beginning of what I hope is less flooding than the last round's.


SM Ting said...

sounds quite bad this time...those days exam was brought forward to avoid the monsoon; now it's pushed back again. Well....the govt n moe need reminders like this again...they can't control and overpower nature. Such bullies; always bullying us.

PreciousPearl said...

oh dear... is the damage & clean-up covered by household insurance?

AJ7 said...

Further inland, water is receding a little, I heard. That also means water is travelling towards our direction, the coastal areas. Water has been rising since this morning. I went to check out the roads... no rain but water going up. 8(

At this rate, I'd be on cuti darurat soon also. This is one cuti I don't want to take.

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