Friday, November 12, 2010

A generator, a dinghy and a Toyota Hilux

These are the things which we'll need as 'flood equipment'. A generator so that we can generate some power to make our stay at home more bearable during the depressing nights surrounded by flood waters. We've all been softened by our good life that a little discomfort sent so many of my neighbours to Sungai Petani and Penang. One of my neighbours who went to stay in Park Avenue in Sungai Petani said the hotel looked like our neighbourhood as she met quite a few familiar faces there! LOL!

A water tank but after our last flood experience 5 years ago, we installed an extra one just for that purpose. So, this round we had plenty of water even though there was no power supply. Water and electricity supply are essentials for the pampered two-legged creatures today.

During this flood, one of our neighbours was kind enough to leave us their generator as they evacuated. Despite the loud noise from the generator, we were glad for the light and fan. It was a welcomed break from the silence and gloom.

A dinghy so that we can put our gal on it should we need to evacuate. What is thigh-deep for us is chest deep for her. Our main concern during floods has always been our children. Hence, we always evacuate them at the first sign of trouble and leave them with friends while we stay back. Other Half and I have been entertaining ideas like foldable kayaks to have as our flood project too. LOL! Would make a good rescue vehicle too!!

A Toyota Hilux cos it would probably also open up many of the 'inaccessible' roads to us. My bro has suggested charging units for our computers and phones. I wonder whether there are solar powered ones apart from the battery operated ones.

But nothing beats having good neighbours and friends in times like these. They are the ones who make everything bearable. During this crisis, our neighbours and friends came through for us. I had a place to leave my children safe and dry. My neighbour provided us with 'dry' transport in to check on our house and ferry things out. He managed to get a lorry as our transport. Each time he wanted to go in, he would call us to join them. It was an experience for us in itself. We 'rescued' dogs, picked up people on those trips too.

Neighbours and strangers strike up conversations with ease because all share something common. And also calls from family and friends. Conversations become a therapy of sorts. It takes your mind of the current problem and the impending possibilities. It enables you to get a bearing of sorts. It takes your mind off your own problem when you realize that there are others worse off than you. It also enables you to offer assistance. In helping others you actually empower yourself. It frees you from your little cocoon of worries. Many of us worry. I too. It gives you resolve to move on too.

We learned to watch out for each other.... and my heart is warmed. So, in conclusion, what's priceless; and that which made it bearable for many of us were the people. In the aftermath of the flood, most people I know talked about the way they've been blessed by their friends and neighbours; offers to park their vehicles, stay, etc, etc...


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Glad through the adversities families, strangers and friends have come together.Unforgettable.

PreciousPearl said...

hmmm... scouts motto is "be prepared"! Hilux can be expensive, as can good quality inflatable canoes. Solar chargers for mobiles are around £20-50 and for laptops they go to about £400-500. But u r right, no amount of money can buy good neighbours :D

AJ7 said...

Toyota Hilux is actually considered cheap here... commercial vehicles! I forgot to add, flood project must include a bicycle. The bicycle has been my trusty form of transportation during this flood and the last one in 2005. And because I could cover a big area, I learned which road would be deepest, accessible, etc, etc. But I also fell from the bike this round too... 8( Gave me a fright cos I knew how dirty the water was.


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