Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SPM 2010

The beginning of another round of exam for the Fifth Formers (and their parents).... for some it ends in approximately 2 weeks. Yup! I know, it's rather crammed this time around. These days we work everything around the festivities and this time, it's Aidil Adha. But for some, the exam will drag on till the 20th Dec (MPV) while for others, they'd be done by Dec 8th if they don't take the Chinese Paper (13th). That makes it really cram for the students and stressful especially those in the Science Stream.

Was at school early this morning to make sure that everything was in place. The teacher-on-duty was there with me at 7.25 a.m., waiting for the Office to open. By 7.40 a.m. the doors remained locked. We had to call the bosses.... and the candidates were supposed to go into the exam halls at 7.45 a.m. The Office should open the latest by 7.30 a.m. so that we can issue the necessary certifications to candidates who forgot their IC or Exam Slips.

Boss finally showed up and said the Office had been opened since 7.30 a.m. Duh! Walking the talk... these days it's more of talk than walk. Had a conversation with a friend yesterday.... talk is cheap she said. I agree. Everywhere, we talk more now. At home and work, in worship places... talk is what we do more, walk is what we do less. We talk and expect others to do the walk... or we talk and take the best for ourselves while leaving crumbs for others not so well connected. But I guess too that talk is cheap because our conscience doesn't prick us so much any more.

I once worked under a boss who was always punctual and on top of things. I'm generally a punctual person but she would usually be earlier than me. This same boss knew almost everything that went on under her nose too. Trying to pull a bluff under her would most likely end up with you looking sheepish! It was difficult not to walk her talk because she walked her own talk and even more. And it was not surprising that in the less than 3 years she was there, the school progressed. Hard to find bosses like that these days... those who actually go down to the ground and find out the real problems.

We have too many bosses who are autocratic yet unable to walk their lofty talk, we have religious leaders who on one side of their tongue preach goodwill but condemn and encourage hatred and suspicion with the other half.... cos they deem it as their right since they've been placed on top.

But then again, this is biasa also... we're after all fallen beings. But I've always wondered how far we can go, if we truly retain our best regardless of skin colour... after all, where purity of race is concerned, we've even had a PM with an Indian father but passed himself as a Malay... in fact more Malay than a pure Malay! Technically he would have been an Indian.... but the best part is the whole country bought that idea, that he is Malay. I guess that's probably the best sales pitch and deal ever in this country.

That's Malaysia Boleh for us!

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GauLion said...

I completely agree with the disappearance of the walk the talk these days. Being a student, I see many of my teachers do the same thing (not to condemn them), what example are they showing us!? I can't say that I walk the talk always, but I sure then when ever I talk I walk just as much.

And kudos to the Indian-cum-Malay PM. I may still be young but, how can people just swallow that fact up and make it like it is normal. Didn't anyone had any conscience to do so? Or was people just to afraid?

Anyway FYI, I'm taking my SPM this year.

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