Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally Our Ipad!!!

*Grins*.... Been waiting for Apple to launch their Ipad here in Malaysia since the US launch months ago. Heard that Maxis might be launching their Ipad packages at the end of the month! Anyway, we got tired of waiting and got one from Singapore! Singapore is a smaller country but deemed more significant by Apple that Ipad was launched there way earlier than here.... and we're still waiting! I supposed it shouldn't be too much of a surprise since their GDP is expected to surpass ours in the near future.

And what do I think of the Ipad! It's fabulous for reading! If the Ipod was already great, this is really great for home use. The pdf books and mags are really comfortable to read at this size; video podcasts too! I know there're many competitors out there like the Samsung Galaxy and Toshiba AS100; all running on Android. The reviews for the latter are mixed. We've no experienced using Android as yet but as it is, Apple still wins on apps. The Samsung and Toshiba come with camera.... and I expect Ipad's next model will probably have one too, with their retina display as well.

Anyway, for now, we're quite pleased with the Ipad. For home reading (and even on the go) it is nice. Very nice! And great as an entertainment unit too.


Dino said...

Welcome to the club.
Its a great coffee table device.

AJ7 said...

That I agree with you. And finally too, today Ipad is launched in Malaysia, I guess in time for them to clear supplies for v1. Rumours have it that v2 will be out by Q1 next year. The endless cycles of consumerism. LOL!

But we like it a lot. Tablet computing at its simplest.

PreciousPearl said...

ooo, nice! Happy playing! I'm hoping Father Cavemas will be bringing me a Kindle. we can compare notes ;)

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