Friday, May 27, 2011

At That Kiddy Age

2 Barrels

Barrels 1 finally got his bath and what a transformation he underwent! He finally got his colour back! .... minus the fluffiness of his fur! Amazing what 'peer pressure' can do. But Son said, this Eastern version of Barrels had never been very fluffy to begin with... something to do with Asian Barrels being less hairy, I supposed. LOL! I'm not so sure. Time plays tricks on our minds sometimes. I must dig into my old photos and see whether he was ever that fluffy!

At this kiddy age... the age of wide eyed wonderment, where everything is still an amazing discovery... that's where my gal still is at but I feel it slipping away bit by bit.

WYSIWYG - that's how she reacts to her surroundings. If she is happy, you know it's for real. If she is afraid, you now there is no pretense in it. She displays the enthusiasm and pleasure for the simple things in life in a way that I'd find hard to emulate. And because of that I know Other Half relishes all those little games that they still play together.... those lil 'Boos' from behind the stairs, etc... contagious laughter, happiness... sheer joy.

Lil tasks they do for you gladly. No whines, no complaints. Everything is simple for them at that kiddy age.

Then they grow up. And life becomes a tangle of complications. The age of innocence fades into the background. A new age emerges... Books I read say the Terrible Twos are terrible years for the toddler. I think it's a misnomer. It should be reserved for the teenage years. I think both parents and teens (on hindsight) would probably be able to identify with the terribleness of this stage.

They question and argue; compare, assert and demand. Where once, your company seem to be enough, they shutter themselves in their rooms. Mobiles, chats and FB become their lifelines.

And then, after all that 'madness' and time of bewilderment, a light bulb suddenly goes back on.... you get your kid back. Another phase, this time more of equals....... then it's time for them to spread their wings, find their own footing, seek their destiny. You let them go, but you hope they'll come back too. You let them make their decisions but you hope they'll always remember their connections with you.

So, this kiddy age... I'm thankful for this opportunity to share it with my gal. Cos in going thru it after a gap which also gave me time to be a little wiser, I realize too that our relationship with God is like that too.

That wonderful kiddy age.... I think it would be nice if many facets of these wonderful years are preserved as all of us journey on. At this kiddy age, Barrels 1 and Barrels 2 are as real as you and me.

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