Saturday, May 14, 2011 Down!!! ... and Water Tales

Blogger has been erratic these last few days. And I guess they must have use a backup to restore everything cos I lost one of my posts which I put up on the 13th... May 13th. Hmmmm! Many years ago, right just after I was born, Malaysia was plunged into her worst racial unrest. And lately, many people say it may have been orchestrated. Anyway, to get back to the reason for this post...
Anyway, I 'lost' a published and scheduled post each but Blogger says it's temporary...

And surprisingly, I didn't get all worked up over it. Must be a sign of mellowing down with age... LOL! Anyway, at least Blogger keeps us updated with what they're trying to do to restore everything, which is more than I can say for many services here.

To sidetrack a bit again. A couple of days ago, I was driving out one night when I noticed water gurgling on the road.... a water pipe had burst and it was creating a small brook on the road. Being conscious that water is a precious commodity, I quickly called up SADA (the water company) to report it. I was asked whether it was outside my house to which I said no... but I gave the usual necessary details when making a report.

Then the operator asked me the specific location.... I said I couldn't but I could give him the directions to the location (it's supposed to be a hard to miss area). He asked me for my contact number which I did. He said they'd call me if they need more directions. I expected the repairs to be completed by the next day....

But guess what? They must have ignored my report cos I saw repairs being done only 2 whole days later. There was a burst pipe.... a report was made. I even gave my number just in case they cannot find it. But I guess they found it too much of a hassle... cos in the end someone else must have made another report after they cannot tahan seeing so much water on the road, a day or so later.
This is a screen captured from SADA's website. They can put up all sorts of nice sounding phrases about the need to conserve water and report leakages on their website but when it comes down to their job performance, the civil-service mentality is still there. Also, take a look at the spelling errors for both languages.... 'pysical' and 'kasajahteraan'; and that's just spelling. If you look at the languages used, both are just as bad as each other. Can't they just find someone to proofread the stuff (and refine the layout) they put up so that it doesn't become a laughing stock?

Writing about SADA reminds me of my long standing water pressure problem... these days my garden hose sputters and chokes (with greater intensity if it's between 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. cos that's when I can hear my neighbour's pump humming away); air and water interspersing each other. The funny thing is the pressure flow and ebb with the frequency that my neighbour's pump comes on! I am sure if I call in the 'water people' again, they are going to tell me to fix up a pump to compete with my neighbours. It's supposed to be against the law to fix a pump before a reservoir but who is going to care. So all those talk about needing to look out for the welfare of the poor??? Mostly it's just talk to score the right points. Cos if everyone in my housing area fixes up a pump, I wonder what will happen to the water pressure in the kampung just a stone's throw away from my area.

I called in a plumber to clean my water tank the other day and when he saw my water pressure... water was trickling into my upstairs tank... he told me I should fix up a pump. I said fixing up a pump is not a problem. I'm still trying to hold on for as long as possible, keep to the rule of the law cos I still think it's not fair on others. But I don't know how long I can hold out some more. The water pressure might become so low one day that water might only trickle into my upstairs tank at night... and when that day comes, I might have to break the law too.... all because some people want water to gush out from the garden hose... and one friend says it's in SADA's best interest that people fix up pumps... they use more water, SADA earns more.

Water conservation, anyone???

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