Monday, May 30, 2011


It's this not so new makan place in Lorong Merpati. I've passed by that place many times but somehow never stepped into the place even though it's a huge place. This is a makan blog with no real food pics cos we were without our camera when we made a on the spur of the moment decision to give it a try.... after church.

The place is nice. At one corner you'll find some private air-conditioned rooms... actually they're not that private cos you can see clearly inside... all glass facade. The surrounding area feels nice and comfy. Comfy chairs with glass tables - you can see your feet as you makan! LOL!

The crowd was quite okay when we were there; made up of families and young people. But you get a feeling that this place is probably trying to rival Rock Cafe which opened last year in Simpang Kuala area.

We over ordered but their prawn salad was nice. The 3 flavoured fish was a disappointment; its sauce too goey and when it's cold it kinda loses its appeal. I enjoyed their claypot tauhu with egg quite a lot. The mixed vegetable was boleh tahan while their chicken stir fried in ginger was quite appetizing. Bill came up to about RM90.. which is a bit on the high side for Alor Setar.
This song was playing when we were paying our bills. Be totally prepared to be freaked out by the drinks prices. For 3 cups of what tasted more like flavoured drinks (probably from the box souped up with some pop), it was RM20!!! Blackcurrant, sour sop and orange juice (which tasted like it had been mixed from powder!) in plastic cups! Cheap soft plastic cups with a straw stuck in the middle!!! At that price, we were expecting drinks in tall glasses with some touch ups!!! Suffice to say, we were freaked out!
And after we finished paying, this song came into the air.... I supposed that's how the proprietor liked it. Maximum profit from their drinks!!!

Overall, Mango is a nice place with lots of potential. The space and their ambience would actually make a nice venue for a garden wedding reception with hawker style fare. But I hope they serve out their drinks in a real glasses. RM6.90 for a glass of drink (the kind they serve) in Alor Setar is a bit pricey. Put in some big screens at different corners, sports, movies, songs.... you might actually have a winner there!

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