Friday, May 20, 2011

The Stork Came ...

...big, huge and with a belly filled with goodies, it flew from China
and deposited this.
We ordered our iPad2 online. Just didn't fancy lining up with all those diehard iPad young fans, who can stand and stand in line for it. So, we took the easy way out. Tapped on our keyboard, sent some digital instructions, paid via plastic money and finally it arrived! This in an age of the world getting small like a kampung.
My new upgrade!!! Wohoooo!!! Thinner and faster, they say. I am looking forward to it being lighter on me. 33% less in thickness translates to a noticeable weight reduction. For people like me who have to climb up and downstairs every day, a lighter load to lug around makes a great deal of difference on my pair of knees.

Anyway, in Apple elegant and minimalistic simplicity, transferring everything from the iPad to iPad2 was very painless. iPad1 goes to Other Half... my turn to get the new toy. 8) He's been glued to his iPod lately, squinting his eyes on the videos and articles. Everything is going to be 4 times bigger after this when he gets the iPad. LOL!

The iPad is something I truly appreciate. The books that I have inside ensure that I am never in want of ideas of quick exercises whenever I go into a class. It beats the scramble to search for books in my drawers or on my table just before I enter class. Of course too there are many other uses for me too but this is one makes me really, really pleased.

Now for accessories... a connector to the projector would just about complete my collection of connectors for it.


PreciousPearl said...

new toy!!! await your review & report with bated breath :D

AJ7 said...

New old toy..... LOL! There won't be much difference between the old one and this new one. It's noticeably faster and lighter. Other than that, this new one had front and rear camera. Tried out Face Time just now. Works just like Skype. I think I'll still be sticking to Skype unless Microsoft makes it out of our reach like IE.

Daboss said...

My dotter's arrived yesterday... She was really happy... Now son feels that his iPad 1 looks old and... :)

AJ7 said...

Son one, Dotter one??? What about Daddy and Mummy???


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