Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chinese Curry House

I noticed this house when it was first renovated some years ago. Since then, I had forgotten about it until my friend told me that they serve nice curry... Located opposite Allianz Insurance in Jalan Lumpur, which is off Jln Tambang Badak (in the vicinity of Sentosa Hotel), the place looks quite classy. Yesterday was Teacher's Day and Bee Lee had dropped by to see us at school and we decided to give this place a try. I couldn't find the name of the restaurant but when we walked in, the lunch crowd was still there. And it was already close to 2 p.m. by then. Anyway I shall just refer to this place as the Chinese curry house ala nasi kandar.
Curry House
The interior has a woody feel. Even the ceiling looks woody... even though it's made of concrete. I think they've stained it woody style. Nice workmanship. When we entered, I noticed that everyone seemed to be eating almost the same food. You have to pick the dishes you want; very much like the nasi kandar style of serving. You choose and then they send it to your table. They serve quite many types of curries, from the the many trays that I noticed was there.
Curry House 1
This is what we ordered. Actually we didn't have much choice as many dishes were already emptied out. We took the cuttle fish curry, mutton curry, crispy salted fish, fried egg and fish head curry.
The fish head curry is the only dish that is served piping hot. And the curry is quite flavourful, sourish and light; quite different from the other fish head curry that I've tried. It's quite appetizing.
Fish Head Curry
The restaurant is airy and pleasant. I like the ambience. The plants made the surrounding quite comfortable. The decor is actually quite classy by Alor Setar standard but unfortunately, their tables smell. Wooden tables need more care if used as a makan table. They could use serai (lemon grass) spray to neutralize the 'rag cloth' smell actually. The place has a great potential to become a hit actually.

The outing was nice. We adjourned to the ais-kacang makan place in Tmn Lum Sum for some ice and to continue our conversation after this curry place with no name. I might go back there again another day; at an earlier time so that I can get to sample more of their dishes.


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, I am reading your blog at Holiday Inn in uptown Quebec, Canada, and better half and I have been on burgers, fish-n-chips, hotdogs for days, so you can guess how I droll ! Cannot wait to try it out !

emmie said...

Where is this place? I must go and try....hehe

All things beautiful said...

It used to be called 88 Fish Head Curry. My dad favours the cooking style of this place more than the Flats'Fish Head Curry. Me? I love both :-)

AJ7 said...

Emily... Find Allianz, turn in the road after Sentosa. Can't miss it.

AJ7 said...

Thomas, how long more is your working stint?

Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ 7, 14 days of 6 am to 9 pm work, ar but it has been a pleasurable one around north-east USA and Canada. Just flew in a few hours ago and having flown from N York to Vancouver to H Kong to K L to A S. 23 hours. Dead tired. 2morrow my hols starts!

AJ7 said...

Welcome back, Thomas!


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