Friday, July 29, 2011

Aargh, I hate snakes!

Snakes! I know some people like them cos they say the snakes are beautiful. I have never quite learn to appreciate their beauty.... This is one creature that I really don't like. Somehow they make me squirm on the inside. But still, when I see one, my first instinct is always to whack it. And I had been thinking that it's been a while since I spotted a snake.... I did see a snake skin in the garden some weeks back though. And the last time I actually saw a snake, it was in my kitchen and I whacked it too.

Ever since those days long ago in Baling, a place which seemed to be infested with snakes, I'd somehow overcome my fear for them and would whack them out of desperation to get rid of them. You see back then, I viewed the snakes, and most of them were vipers, as something that would endanger my boy. So each time I saw them; I'd see them real often, I'd react on pure instinct. Grab a stick and whack! I had so many encounters with snakes in my short time in Baling. They'd hang from the vines, hide in the shoes, letterbox, gate latch, pathways..... I used to see them everywhere! Even when we moved here, I'd still come across some. In the early years, it was also quite common. And somehow, much to my chagrin, each time one shows up, Other Half is usually not around to play the role of the knight in the shining armor. I always wished that there is someone to do the unpleasant task of getting rid of the snake but so far, it has happened rarely.

So, yesterday, after I was done working on my vegetable pot, to my horror I saw this little black and yellow small slithery creature just at my steps. I went on auto after mode after that! Took the long bamboo that was given by George earlier and gave it a few good whacks..... Then I told my boy to throw it out immediately but he wanted to take photos of it. The little fler was still not dead and despite it's broken neck, was still quite ganas.

Later, I found out that it was a golden tree snake. Son posted it up and got Onnie, our certified snake expert on the other side of the Pacific to identify it for us. 8) He said it was an ornate flying snake. Before that I had emailed the pic to Other Half. He said it was a golden tree snake. Both refer to the same snake. I had earlier thought it was a viper since it was sluggish. Vipers don't move that fast, you see. That's why the locals call it Kapak Bodoh. But I am no snake expert. Most of the garden snakes are usually very fast on their belly. But this particular one wasn't short and stumpy like vipers are supposed to. Anyway, it was supposedly a small nasty fler, though not exactly harmful to humans because their mouths are so small, apparently.

Snakes! This particular snake has created a phobia in me again... I went out after that to buy sulphur. Not that it works, as I've read from some sites... but more of to appease myself. Now I'm going to have to look down and check out everything each time I go out to the garden.


monay said...

I hate them too! Many hissing snake stories from Kg China too. You are brave to do battle with it....:)I wonder why my number one fears the tiny spider but can hold a non poisonous snake! The 'narrow fellow' by Emily Dickinson:

A narrow fellow in the grass
Occasionally rides;
You may have met him,--did you not,
His notice sudden is.

The grass divides as with a comb,
A spotted shaft is seen;
And then it closes at your feet
And opens further on.

He likes a boggy acre,
A floor too cool for corn.
Yet when a child, and barefoot,
I more than once, at morn,

Have passed, I thought, a whip-lash
Unbraiding in the sun,--
When, stooping to secure it,
It wrinkled, and was gone.

Several of nature's people
I know, and they know me;
I feel for them a transport
Of cordiality;

But never met this fellow,
Attended or alone,
Without a tighter breathing,
And zero at the bone.

Dino said...

You're exactly like me....i see snake, i whack first, asks questions later.

AJ7 said...

Incy windy spiders.... That makes them kinda menggelikan for your number 1, I guess.. 8)

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