Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flour Party

Flour throwing... that's the new experience for me today. I entered my class soon after the break and chaos greeted me. The floor was patchy white with wet spots, tables and students coated with white powdery stuff and a few students frantically swinging the brooms in their hands trying to sweep the powdery stuff into a pile; from the corridor and the classroom. It was a rather comical sight actually.

And the perpetrators?? A group of girls who said they were celebrating their friend's birthday! The white flour was part of the celebration, it seemed. One that got a bit out of control because other students came from the adjacent block to join their celebrations. One good thing was more than half the class had gone off for a camp... (yup schools carry out camps on school days these days; which I consider a no-brainer cos classes are disrupted, or if you carry on with the lessons, many will miss the lesson for the day. And we've got one more school day before the week is over.) The girls who looking smug.

Anyway, these days, girls are no longer demure and well-behaved. Some are as 'ganas' as the boys, if not more daring as well. They speak back more too and are not your standard easy-to-intimidate weaker gender. If anything is to go by, I find many of them more vocal than the boys..... The 4 masterminds of the celebration were duly punished by the discipline teacher. But I can see that they weren't that repentant either.... I have another group of girls in another class whose 'leader' will just holler out or belt out a tune at whims.... used to be boys only who will do such kind of thing.

Boys?? More of them seem more subdued these days, even so those from the more academically inclined classes, the kwai-chais. They come across as soft. The tough or macho look is out. These days, the soft look is in... I think it has something to do with the boy band groups and the likes of Justin Bieber. Talk to them and many will tell you that they don't go out for physical games in the evenings.... Exercise is done on the computer keyboard!

I think kids are entitled to have a little fun but these days, I also see more and more of out-of-control situations from them too... a little drama on an otherwise dull day at school!

It seems that my school kids have just caught on this fad of flour 'dousing' accorded to birthday people...

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