Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency #1... by Douglas Adam

This is one with plenty of eccentricities, to the point that I nearly wanted to abandon it; crazy plot that it had. Tis a book with a very convoluted plot. Dirk Gently with many aka(s) is a 'holistic' detective who teams up with old university mate, Richard to solve a murder which had connections with an alien Salaxalan ghost which is 4 billion years old, space ships, time machines, missing cats, gullible old ladies and an Electric Monk with a horse. How crazy of a character compilation can you get some more? I think the Electric Monk is a robot, but I don't really know. It's supposed to belief in a religion on behalf of its human master... see what I mean by an eccentric plot. Anyway, this particular Electric Monk was cast away for some reason and allowed to believe whatever it wanted to believe. It killed Gordon Way, I think when it found a portal in the time machine and ended up coming through Gordon Way's car boot. He shot him..... unknowingly. Anyway, it beats me why only the engineer from the 4 billion year old attempt to populate the earth 'survived' as a ghost while the rest if his space crew (who were looking for a new home) did not.

I got rather confused reading this story, made worse cos I have been feeling rather tired and busy of late. So the long breaks in between made the plot hazier. I found myself having to flip backwards to recap and refresh my memory quite a few times.

Then there is the murder of Gordon Way, Richard's partner which I don't seem to quite understand its connection to the plot safe perhaps to strengthen the fact that ghosts do roam the earth. Dirk who seems to also have special powers has the ability to hypnotize and get even the most vague details out of a person finally manages to deduce the existence of a time machine and the role of Reg, whom I think was his professor at university.

I did a Google after I finished the book and found out that this is a popular TV series, supposedly in the UK. I have many more of the series. Am wondering myself whether I would want to read them; sci-fi fantasy meandering sort of novel this is. 8) This is one truly 'crazy' book, which makes it kinda interesting in it's own way.

Nombor dua puluh dua for this year! My reading is really slow.

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PreciousPearl said...

Douglas Adams was responsible for the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. It's black scifi humour, I suppose. His books are supposed to make you think differently about things. And the answer is 42

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