Friday, July 1, 2011

Mango... And Another Chapter Coming to a Close

Time flies....

Have gone to this place a couple of times but always forgot my camera. This was a planned dinner, to mark the end of another chapter of.... I don't quite know how to call it. It's been almost 7 years. I started my own home tuition for my boy when he entered secondary school. Along the way, other kids wandered in. Two left soon after Form 5 but two came in when I started my MUET for him. In between some other kids also wandered into my life. It's been an up and down ride, sometimes like the roller coaster, other times like the old steam train chugging along.

I learned a lot myself, at both professional and personal levels. It's been a humbling experience also, a time of gains and losses. There are fond memories, and not so fond ones as well; some opened my eyes and some forced me to shut them too.

In a way I was glad for this dinner. They are grown up and turning into nice young adults, with promise. I will miss the time with them but I'll also be glad for the extra time that I can have for myself. There is a time for everything. And the time to move on has come.

Mango was the choice cos 3 have not tried it. We sat out in the open. But as dusk approached, I realized that there were many birds in the air. One has to be careful about 'bombs' from them. LOL! But sitting out in the open air with the cool evening breeze is nice.

Salad Prawns

This is their prawn salad and I've ordered it each time I go to Mango. I like this one but I think the waitress seemed not to notice that there were six of us in our group cos there were only 5 prawns. Good thing I am watching my food. There is no menu. You have to ask the waitress what is available. BTW, the one of the waitresses has a very interesting dressing code.... she was in this sexy black outfit while we were there. The other time I was there she had on this white revealing dress. Dressing to kill? I don't know.

Kheng Som

Kheng som, Thai sweet sour (asam pedas) fish which is very hot. Those white strips are palm shoots. My tongue felt on fire after each bite. The fish was very sweet though. I think the only person who is very at home with all the spicy food was Joyce. We ordered their otak-otak too and that seemed to go down well with her too. 8)

Mango Chicken

I think this is one of their signature dishes, mango chicken. Unlike my first visit when drinks came in plastic cups, we can now order in a jug. I ordered 2, kiwi and soursop. I think the former tasted better. Their deep fried squids were so-so only.

Fried Squids

The years have gone by so quickly. From kids to young adults. Changing phases. I have more gray hair now. In just a short time, they'll be spreading their wings, perhaps far and wide. I don't know. I am glad for the time that I've been privileged to spend with them. Life is better with the experience, with its ups and downs, joy and disappointments.


PreciousPearl said...

ooo... nice looking prawns!

AJ7 said...

It's nice to eat too!

~Meenu~ said...

can i know where is this located pls?

AJ7 said...

Lorong Merpati. it's a small road directly opposite Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid which is on Jalan Langgar.

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