Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oyster Moments

I've always had a liking for oyster, right from those early years when mom used to buy small ones from the market. She'd scald them with hot water, pickled it with salt, vinegar and chillies and we'd eat them with rice. In recent years I took a liking to the big raw oysters; taken with just some soy sauce, a dash of lime and Tabasco sauce.

But eating oyster on your own is not that fun. So, whenever I get this oyster cravings, I'd ajak a friend and we'd go order a plate of oysters (usually 5 in one), divide up the 5 between the 2 of us. To make sure it's fair, usually we take turns. So if this round I take 2 next round my turn for 3. LOL!! And some days we get luckier than others in the sense that the oysters would be really sweet juicy and nice. It depends on the batches that they bring in at Kaede, right now which is about the only place to eat oyster in Alor Setar at the moment.

Oyster cravings... can't quite describe why the cravings. The taste, flavor... just slurping it in with all it's juices. And I guess just trying to chew into it while taking in its succulent taste and softness. Fresh oysters are simply delicious. Usually 3 of those oysters would be enough to satiate my oyster craving.... until the next one comes a-knocking again. 8) Eating oyster is described in many different breaths by different people. But to me, it's a taste that goes back a long way in time, into my childhood. I must have been 7 or 8. I can't quite recall. But I remember always liking the taste. Hence, my oyster moments is more special cos it reminds too that this is a taste acquired because my parents loved to eat them too. Each time I eat, I am reminded of Mom's pickled oysters!

So oyster moments... like all memorable moments are meant to be shared too; those moments when I get a craving for it and to add to the fun of eating, have someone to share it. Here's to commemorate every one of those moments.... my oyster moments. Cheers!!!!


PreciousPearl said...

oysters are OK except when they are in Kg Koh omelette, then they are out this world! yum!

AJ7 said...

I thought all Sitiawan people like the ochien.. LOL,

Die, die also hers....

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