Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And We Are But Mere Mortals..

.. with an expiry date.

When I was young, I used to think that 'old' was so far away. Now that I'm older, I find time whizzing by. I used to be callous about what I eat. Youth is very empowering... I am slightly more careful these days. When one is young, mortality is not something one thinks about. It is a hazy distant thought. But as I grow older, I began to realize how small (and helpless) I actually am, the mere mortal that I am. Little reminders like the loss of a tooth, the longer time that your cuts and wounds take to heal, the slower recovery when you play games, the limitations that you once did not know exist... fragile mortals we actually are. And with it comes the realization that every day I have is actually a gift... grace.

And I begin to notice that more people I know are passing on too... I guess it also has to do with my friends and the people I know growing older too.... with me. Aging is a finite experience.... but it can be an enriching one. One life to live... we decide how to a great extent.

Meaning in life. Ecclesiastes begins by telling us that everything in meaningless... everything, wisdom, pleasure, even folly, oppression, toil, friendlessness, advancement, riches and on and on it goes... and then I began to see these little snippets of 'hope' in the sea of meaninglessness... the value of two as opposed to one, of wisdom as opposed to wealth, obedience, or moderation in everything. Those are the things that give meaning to life.

But if one believes in an eternity then it's rather simple the equation; live life to the fullest but remember your Creator. A jumble of thoughts... from a mere mortal that I am... on a sien day. Somehow when I get into this mood, it's often the Book of Ecclesiastes I turn to.

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