Sunday, July 24, 2011

Along Came A James Patterson

This I think is the first of the Alex Cross series. It is about the perfect kidnapping. The story line puts to question the people we are supposed to trust; teachers, police. The betrayal by the very people we are supposed to trust wholeheartedly.

The megalomaniacal main bad guy character executes what he feels is the perfect kidnapping only to find the rug to his perfect kidnapping being pulled right from under his feet. The Secret Service detail assigned to protect the child of a government official became the bad guys. They kidnapped the kidnapped kids but only got one as the other one died. A ransom is out out. They got the money, the kidnapper went to jail.

Betrayal comes from the other unexpected villainess too. Betrayal of her oath to serve her country, and to the man she is supposed to be in love. Money makes people do terrible things, in fiction and in real life. but justice is served in different ways to everyone at the end.

The many twists and turns in the plot kept me going. Patterson weaves his usual magic in his novel, as usual. Many of the twists were mind blowing. The evil from the psychopath who brilliantly is able to dupe the experts into believing that he suffers from multiple personality disorder makes you wonder whether too much in our world is based in too much psychoanalysis. We give too much credence to it.

Book 24 and a pretty good read to kill time on a morning when I couldn't do anything else except to sit down, be confined to 4 silent walls and listen to ceaseless, mindless endless ramblings which served not any good.

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