Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After a long weekend..

... a day 'weekend' right in the middle of term. One was to replace the Saturday we had to come for the silly Larian 1Malaysia. Half an hour of run and we got a day to replace that Saturday; we actually ended up wasting 2 schooling days! The other day was because of 1st day of fasting month. Yup! The time for Ramadan bazaar is here again. I was at Tesco a day before Ramadan and they had all these white tents lined up along the row of new shophouses. For the next 30 days or so, there'll be lots of people out in the evening hunting for food.... the smell of food will be permeating the air in many places. 8)
Dinner Plates
But it was also a good time of meeting up with old friends. Over dinner (cooked by Joseph and Sze Mun) with old friends not seen and new addition. It's been a long while since we last saw Boon Leng and the first time we saw her grandkid, Gwyn.
Sweet memories these made. Daughter says the strawberries were very sweet. I think her taste buds are somewhat different from ours. I found one sour enough to make me squint your eyes really tiny. But Gwyn loved the chocolates. 8)

This was followed by more dinners, a steady stream of visitors over the long 'weekend'. Squash and swimming... managed to do both. I haven't played squash in almost a year! Nice in a way. Jov is back too and my gal likes having a different person sit with her while she does her school work. My gal is blessed. It'll just be a little while but it's good for her.

So, I'm kinda sluggish after coming back from a long weekend. My day help went on holiday but extended it, as usual... so I was left with more laundry and floor cleaning. What to do? Keeping to her schedule has never been her forte.

Long weeks ahead, actually, the months are going to be long too... exams are lined up for my kids. School, music... and the year has also gone past its half way mark. Time is literally barreling past, whatever not done, all flattened into a swirl of keep-for-another-time list. I doubt if I'll go back to all of them.

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