Sunday, August 14, 2011


...and it's mid month. I should be saying time flies and it does but I seem to be saying the same thing often. So, for as long as I have my hands full, that's how time will feel.... it flies. I might sing a different tune some day. SPM Trial begins today but this year we're having a really short one, 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 month. Before this, I always felt that the trials were way too long but this year, I don't know whether it's because it's the fasting month or those responsible feel that 2 weeks would suffice. Anyway, they also prepared less papers. Many of the electives have returned to being school based exams.


The rains have started. The weather seems to have turned cooler but I hope there wouldn't be intense storms and floods. They've started digging bigger drains at my housing area. There are works going on to deepen the river, increase the embankment, so I heard. End of the year brings end of the year worries.... and I think flood is something that lurks at the back of many of our minds.


I went to Penang after quite a while. Went to Tao Cuisine for lunch... Felt it wasn't quite worth the money.

Baked Oysters

They had baked oysters in cheese, and their popular scallops too but somehow, the luster's gone. Food didn't seem to taste that great.


But I had my first sashimi at the behest of Son. And I learned one thing too. Buffets make one stuff in more food than needed, to the point of discomfort. I don't know whether that's worth it. When we were younger, buffets seemed like a huge treat. These days, I am not certain. I think food is nicer when taken in quantities that makes us appreciate them. In 'generous''s beginning to feel like committing harakiri. Too much of the good stuff also kills.

We attended Chinese church service as a family for a change. I found that the sermon was rather interesting, better than the English service. It's been decades away from the Chinese church for me. I started going to church by going for the Mandarin service. My first Scriptures were in Mandarin. It's time my kids get used to Mandarin services. Anyway, their Mandarin should be far better than ours.

Cooler weather... Other Half and I have been toying with our own versions of SIPs but of the things about vegetable gardening is we've to learn to be really patient.... My mustard greens have been taking a pounding from the heavy rain. I've planted another box of salad. Hopefully they grow well this time.

August is midway. I have not gone to any Ramadan Bazaar. I miss some of the food like beef with air asam but am too lazy to jostle in the crowd. Plus these days too, I tend to be 'fussier' with food hygiene. But fasting month also means that there are sometimes goodies shared by colleagues. Today too, we had kanji kambing (mutton porridge). It was not too bad, a new experience for me, to eat that. But it was a little too plain... some spring onions or herbs that go well with mutton would enhanced its flavors, I think. Still, it was nice. Maybe I'll go hunt for some lemang near Raya. Used to love it with this kuah kacang made by a friend's late mother.

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Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ &, we had had ENOUGH of Tao Cuisine and our last visit in June was a disappointment. Service and food quality have vanished!

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