Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Off the Beaten Track for Thai Noodles

Very often the best food is found off the beaten track... and this is one of those; if you like Thai food, you'd probably don't mind this and might even find it nice. This is in Jitra. For those who like to go hiking in the hills of Malau, this is one place that they will pass by.

So this one might be a little 'fun' for those who are adventurous. We usually take this underpass which cuts across the highway; this after turning right at the junction where the Tanjung Pauh mosque is located.
Mind you, this is a really narrow tunnel, just wide enough for one car to go through, nothing more.
Tunnel 1
This is a view from inside the tunnel. Bicycles, motorcycles all have to wait for their turns. This tunnel is actually rather low lying and during big floods, water fills up almost the whole tunnel!
Kampung Road
And beyond the tunnel is a scenic kampung route. As you can see, it runs parallel to the North-South Highway. The road is narrow also. This road leads us to the Wat Siam in Jitra town.... after a few turns here and there, all on narrow pathways.
Taman Cermai
Our destination. Taman Cermai.
Cermai Thai Noodles
Somewhere nestled among the houses behind the row of shops, you will find this stall. Located at Jalan Cermai 1 (I think), it's not hard to locate. The place opens from 7.30 a.m. onwards and usually runs out of food by 2-3 p.m. We were there very early and already people were trickling in. And by the time we left, many of the tables were filled.
Thai Noodles
This was what we went for. Siam kuayteow. Clear and spicy, a little sweet... it's rather appetizing.
Thai Noodles 1
The kuay-teow is actually like fat meehoon or vermicelli. The kuay-teow comes with meatballs and minced meat.
Thai Sauces
And you eat it with all these sauces... chilli sauce, chilli powder, sugar (yup, Thais like to add sugar to their food) and all those sauces with all these Thai words which made no sense to us.

Also this place sells really not too bad of a porridge.... and some other types of noodles. Apparently there's one with this really red soup too. This is my second time there. The last time I went with my friend, we bought one packet of porridge to share. It wasn't enough. Today, we decided that each of us should have our own packets... 8) but it wasn't as nice as the previous time

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