Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thursday Mee on Wednesday...

We stayed put this Raya... mainly because of Son's impending exam. Driving is no fun because the roads are full of cars... and it takes so much longer to get from one place to another.

Anyway, we got a call mid morning for mee by Karyn, inviting us over for Thursday mee... 8) The last few days have been a time of 'binging'... and today was no exception.

Thursday Mee (Noodles) have held a special place in our lil girl's world. All her years at nursery, Thursday was always noodles day, hence the name Thursday mee. Thursday Mee is actually noodles (and beehoon) in clear soup with meat and fish balls and vegetables.
Thursday Mee
And because she likes the mee so much, Karyn's mom would packed some for her every Thursday. It's been going on for some time that my gal gets very disappointed on those Thursdays that she didn't get the mee. But that rarely happens. There has always been a packet of mee for her almost every Thursday and no matter how full she might be, she would still always eat it, at night. Sometimes though, we'd pull her leg and tell her that there'd be no mee. We even have a little Thursday mee 'mantra' at home which we'd belt out to tease her sometimes...

What she does is she would keep the mee in the fridge and wait for Other Half to come back from work. It has become almost a Thursday nightly ritual for them to heat up the mee and eat it together. Thursdays mee... a part of her childhood which she seems to cherish holding on. We are fortunate and blessed to have a friend who lovingly packs it week after week even after so many years just so that our little gal can hang on to her cherished childhood a little longer. Even when she doesn't drop by at the nursery after school, the mee would find their way to my house...

So, today, on Wednesday we had Thursday mee, on a week when Thursday mee was supposed to be on holiday. Now, don't you think that's nice? Thursday Mee... it's one of life's blessings for us and our little one, at an age of innocence and wonderment.

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