Monday, August 22, 2011

Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine

Edo Ichi

I like Japanese food. We were in SP visiting family members and decided to drop by Village Mall near TESCO for a quick bite. We decided to give this a try cos there didn't seem to be any other outlets that we've not tried. We haven't been to Village Mall for a long time.

Edo Ichi is like Sakae Sushi and Sushi King. I guess most Japanese restaurants are similar. So, there is also a sushi bar. There was still a small crowd in the restaurant when the waitress showed us to our table.

Sushi Bar

Our lil one immediately snag the moshi-moshi cos she knew that Other Half enjoys this. I am the only one in the family who is not particularly crazy about it. 8) She likes establishments like this cos she is able to pick her own food from the food conveyor belt herself.


I tried their Gyu Kimchi Udon and found it quite nice; it wasn't too sour or spicy. Gyu is beef. So this is beef udon. Udon is supposed to be fat noodles where as ramen is the thinner version. The beef was tender but one can't go very wrong with beef sliced thin actually. The vegetables in the udon were just right too. But for RM20, I think it's rather pricy.

Gindara Teriyaki Set

Other half decided to order their Gindara Teriyaki Set. He didn't like the overly strong 'fish smell'. Actually it's just the Gindara (cod) smell. At RM38 it's expensive if I were to compare it to what I can get at Kaede, Alor Setar's own local Japanese restaurant. The cawan mushi that came with the set wasn't that great.


The sushi is charged based on plate colour with the cheapest being the white plate at RM1.80. Our lil one was looking out for one but none showed up. The most expensive is the yellow plate, at RM7.80 and there were plenty of reds and yellow... the more expensive plates. I like this one with boiled egg t the bottom and baked with cheese. The rest of the stuff is almost the same like any boleh tahan Japanese restaurants.

One more thing. I always wondered why Sungai Petani seems to have more choices where food is concerned. Alor Setar, despite being the capital of the state still feels like a kampung. We don't even have a Starbucks! Our choices of restaurants are limited to Pizza Hut (which seems to be deteriorating where cleanliness is concerned), MacDonald's and KFC (which i'd have reservations going after that video of their kitchen helpers' behavior). Not that I am complaining but I get the impression that international franchise seems to think that the Alor Setar market lacks that sort of dining sophistication. One more thing, as Other Half was buying our fix of coffee, he noticed some kids with 1Malaysia Netbooks sitting in Starbucks, surfing away. LOL! Can you believe it that these kids who come from families with income less than RM3000 sipping coffee and surfing at Starbucks?

Anyway, the visit was good. We got to meet up with cousins not seen in a while, with all the little kids in tow.u

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