Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gadget bytes.... WD TV Live

Straight from the HDD, USB Thumb Drive, SD Cards.... most storage devices... plug it into this little box and it'll play it on your TV! Wonders of technology these days.... death knell for DVD players, this will probably hail. Then again, some day when all TVs are connected to the Internet, it'll also be end of the road for such gadgets.

We ordered this in May... but only got it recently. A newer model with HD has come out. It's a small little box which you plug into the TV. And then all you need to do is just plug in your HD or your USB thumb drive, and the movie or whatever media that's in it will play. A convenient little thing to have since it negates storage space for DVDs. Many of us have drawers full of old CDs and DVDs and though small and thin, they tend to take over space over a period of time.

Was just thinking about the gadgets which have come into our lives over the years and how our lives have been transformed by them. Never imagined how all these little things become so pervasive in our lives and how dependent we become of them too.

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