Wednesday, December 1, 2010

31 More Days...

... and another year closes. Another chapter of my own book will also come to a close. One thing nice about keeping a blog is I get to read again my other old chapters. The mind becomes rather forgetful with time.... not just age, mind you. Add that to the self who is often selective in remembering. Plus our memory works in very quirky ways... sometimes when it goes 'senget', it can be negative all the way!

Last year I did this too; end of the year house-sprucing... this year I painted my halls downstairs. Have never really done a thorough one ever since we moved in. Took me 2 days with some help from my 2 kids. Did the outside wall too; the flood marks are all gone. 8) Am planning to paint the fence also and I still have 31 days to do it. Painting is one of those things that comes naturally cos Mom used to make us help her when we were kids!

My gym time has been cut drastically these last few months, since Father-in-law's demise. But I'm going to pick it up again soon. Last year, I was all gung ho about games. And I had a great time with my volleyball mates. This year I hardly had time to train with them as I was busy with work. The national level games are still on and will be held in Kangar next month. I've been asked to play badminton but I am not too keen. Anyway, I have 31 days to get my gym rhythm back.

My boy stayed on for his Form 6. I know most parents cannot wait to send their children out for various reasons. We are glad to have him around us this year. Hopefully these two years are defining years for him. Hopefully too he'll be ready to embrace his next phase of life after this. In 31 days he'll be entering his final school year.... We're glad for the moments that we've been able to have with him, even though he still 'khek' us a lot.

In the next 31 days, there are going to be wedding dinners to attend, a renewal of vows of a 50 year old marriage (awesome!!) dinner, old friends to meet and perhaps go for a holiday, get-togethers with friends that this season of glad tidings will bring, time with my sister's family... in short those things in life that are supposed to add meaning to life.

In the meantime too, the mundane and everyday stuff that we do will continue for the next 31 days. I have to start thinking about getting my work organized too but I am going to put that off until my Staff Meeting; nearing the end of the 31 days. I've also loads of things to clear still... believe it or not? We're all hoarders, one way or the other. The last flood has been a reminder that many of us hoard, though majority are not to the chronic extent portrayed in the programme, Hoarders on Discovery Channel.

And there are books to read in the next 31 days! My reading has been on the back burner since the flood. I was secretly hoping maybe to hit the magical number of 50! I started out setting a small but achievable figure. Then as I found myself picking up steam, I added more to the number. I didn't think back then that almost a book a week was possible. But it was because I could carry my book on the Ipod. A lot of my waiting and gym time went into reading! We'll see what the next 31 days will bring. The Ipad has brought e-reading a notch higher.

31 days can be very long (or short) and many things can still happen. But for all the months past, I give thanks. 31 more days and the final curtain call for 2010.

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