Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Huawei IDEOS and MiFi..

Mi-Fi is Wi-Fi gone portable. It means you can have your own personal 'hotspots'. Bro just got us a Huawei IDEOS Smartphone which doubles up as a Mi-Fi. Had it for a couple of days already. And this is our first experience with and Android based gadget. Reviews said the phone felt plasticky but I thought it looked and felt rather nice. I've just learned that IDEOS stands for Industrial Design Evolution Operating System.

This is supposed to be a 'cheap' Smartphone which runs on Froyo or Android 2.2. Bro got it at a discount from SITEX 2010 and sis delivered it by hand to me. 8) It has 802.11n Wi-Fi and HSPA too. 8) But it doesn't run Adobe Flash because its CPU is not powerful enough. I think this is its only setback. I had actually just wanted a MiFi. But because bro said this cost just a tad bit more, I agreed to it even though my mobile broadband plan is solely a data one.

Been waiting to get a just a MiFi router for some time but we thought we'd wait and see. These days, with so many WiFi enabled gadgets, it makes sense to get one. This smartphone supports up to 8 WiFi connections, according to reviews. We tried connecting wirelessly via our Ipods and it was a breeze.... no hiccups! Our first smartphone!! 8) And I am quite pleased with it.

Update: 11th Dec, 2010
Huawei IDEOS
Was at HK Wong Kok Kitchen at Komtar recently. Though you can get the signal for the Penang Free WiFi, you can't do any real surfing with it. So, Other Half and Son 'leeched' on my connection so that they can check their FB, while I checked my mail on the IDEOS. Totally cool! The only snag is the power tends to go down rather fast if I leave the portable hotspot on.

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