Monday, December 13, 2010

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan...

This was at Kg Malabar, Penang. These days we are trying out the old kopitiams. It's still best to go on foot if you want to explore the small and busy streets of Penang.... and at this time of the year when the weather is cool, you don't actually feel the humidity of the tropics that much!
Restoran Ho Ping
Instead of driving right up to the doorstep, a little walk often times allow us to discover other things as well. You tend to have a more leisurely pace to look around when you are on your slow trusty 2 feet.
Beef Soup Noodle
This is supposed to be Beef Soup Noodle. The soup is really clear, not the 'murky' or broth-like usual beef soup that I get. . But the beef balls didn't taste beefy enough to me. Still, it was quite soothing on the stomach to start the day with clear soup.
Char Kway Teow
Char Kway Teow in Penang... this is still better than any char kway teow I've eaten in Alor Setar. Penang char kway teow in Penang still rule anytime. This is Daughter's fare. Other Half and Son also ordered the chicken (char-siu) rice from one of the stalls in the kopitiam. It was just so-so.
Ho Ping Sign
But this is what caught our eyes! LOL! I supposed this is Manglish... and I wonder what's truly meant by 'modal' on this sign. Modals in English refer to verbs that behave irregularly. The proprietor runs this place via small irregular behaviour??? LOL! Anyway, I noticed that the coffee shop was not in want of customers... it was relatively busy during our short time there.
Alley Coffee Shop
A little walk after breakfast to help digest our food brought us to alleys where food is sold and served. Our own little Penang-style alley dining.
Alley Nasi Kandar
The smell that was coming out from this Nasi Kandar alley really gets to you and makes you want to sit down and have a plate of nasi kandar.
Motorbike Rental
And if someday I start to feel a little adventurous again, I might just do this... rent a motorbike and zip through the busy traffic of narrow Penang streets. Been a long time since my motorbike riding days in PJ.


SM Ting said...

Do you think u can still handle a motorbike with a kid behind? I had not the guts when hubby suggested we rent motorbikes in Phuket.

AJ7 said...

Can-lah! Why cannot? I used to take my boy on the paddy field bunds when he was smaller and when we still had the old bike. You with a kid behind also should not be a problem-lah. Hey! Motorbike was our main form of transportation for many, many years, remember? LOL!

Thomas C B Chua said...

Veli inteleltin, AJ 7. I think "little modal" means they "runned" their "bussyness" with a small capital and as such your order of a drink helps.

I love to do what you do but the Better Half does eat much these days and after such a rendezvous I get the blame. " You see my waist! "

PreciousPearl said...

hey, at least u guys get to go places like these......

AJ7 said...

Come back and join us-lah! Away from the dreary and cold winter! 8)

PreciousPearl said...

maybe next May..... we'll see


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