Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Birthday and A Lunch

Food is always a nice distraction... especially when you have people to share with. Add an excuse to indulge yourself, guilt of gluttony is reduced..... LOL!
Sweet Sour Pork
Some sweet sour porky dish. I would prefer the meat more tender. Now that age is catching up, eating these chewy meat dishes tend to be more challenging. 8(
Steamed Cod
This one is a favourite for my kids and me. Cod! This one is steamed with just plain sauce. I think my kids like it for the same reason I like it, its yummy-ness... lemak. My girl and I like cod fried in teriyaki sauce too. But over here, this is an occasional treat cos cod is expensive!
Fried Leng Ngau
Fried 'leng-ngau' with black fungus, celery, carrot and water chestnut; with shavings of almonds, I think. 'Leng-ngau' is hokkien (fuchow) for lotus root. The usual way we eat it is boil it in a soup.
Clay Pot Sea Cucumber
Sea cucumber with lots of garlic and other stuff in it. Its a little gooey but quite appetizing to go with plain white rice.
Roast Duck with Herbal Sauce
Some of this dish ended up in our stomachs before my camera got to it. Roast duck in some herbal sauce; I could identify the ginseng. The sauce was nice but the duck meat was a little on the chewy side. Duck is always chewy and has a strong smell. I'd have preferred the meat slightly more tender but with duck, that's always difficult.

This was our birthday lunch for our main source (Ah Ho) of goodies!!!! Another year of richest blessings we bid her, a lady with a heart of gold... especially where food is concerned. 8) At Hua Tang.


Dino said...

Air liuh meleleh. :P~~~

AJ7 said...

You have plenty of cod there, don't you? It's premium here-lah.

Dino said...

Yup, but if i eat fish, its mostly trout and salmon.

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