Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reading on the Ipad

Malaysia is in the 3rd group... that's how 'significant' we are where Apple products are concerned. Ipad2 has been released and this round of sale is even better than Ipad2. Orders have been pushed back further and now I wonder if we have to wait just as long as Round 1.

We're waiting to get one but looks like it might be a long wait. Was at Switch last weekend and the guy there said it could be a 6-month wait. Plus there's still the old stock to clear. Next week the 1st group will be getting the release. And there's still the second group (which Singapore is in) before they get to us.. the 3rd groupie.
The Ipad has changed the way I read. Recently I added Zite which is basically a magazine reader. And I have more than enough on my hands to read. Best thing is I get to choose what I want in my magazine!
Now I always have something different to read on my Ipad, as long as my wifi is up and running! That's apart from magazines such as Discovery and NatGeo and so many others which I read on the iBook app. I still do the bulk of my book reading on my Ipod Touch since it's so handy to bring around. The Ipad is like a newspaper at home, only difference is the content changes 24/7. Makes great coffee table read... to borrow a friend's quote.

My little gal is currently into podcasts - Sesame Street. She chooses and downloads the episodes herself. I introduced the word camouflage to her and she downloaded 'What's the Word on the Street' from the Sesame Street podcast. She occasionally reads on it too. There are apps with videos which teaches her how to fold paper planes. There are also origami ideas as well. Plus those e-books. Bible stories come alive on the IPad as well. IPad is a great learning tool if the kids can be taught to use it well. But the snag is always the lure of gaming. Gaming on the IPad is very fun too. And between the two, it's a real tug-of-war.

I enjoy the podcasts too. There's one called SermonAudio which one can download sermons; many are quite good. I've just started listening to some. The best part is I can pause it when something comes up. I used to listen quite a bit of TED but time constraints have put that on the back burner for the time being.

3rd group... means there's still the wait to reckon with. There's always the other Android gadgets but somehow, I am still not sold on them yet.

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