Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheeky Duck... Straits Quay

Cheeky Duck
This came all the way from Newcastle cos their other restaurant is in Newcastle. It's started by a Hongkie. So from the West to the East and not the other way round... this Asian kitchen and bar.
Ducks and Meats
You can see ducks, chicken and part of porky hanging from the glass window at one of the walls from the outside, I guess as a way to 'enticing' people with the sumptuous looks.
Inside Cheeky Duck
The interior is nice and big. But the place looked kinda empty when we were there... maybe cos wasn't quite dinner time yet, it was more like tea-time actually. We wanted to grab a bite before going back so that we needn't stop for dinner anywhere. 8)
Appetizers... simple but makes one feel hungry after a few bites. I think it's pickled with sum-boi (sour plum). We had to take some time to go through their menu which was rather extensive.
Broccoli fried with garlic. It got cold very fast in the air-con. But taste wise it was okay.
3 types of meat.. siu-bak (roast meat), char-siew (barbecued meat) and siu-ak (roast duck) in one plate. We got the impression that the portions should be quite big but it wasn't as what we anticipated. But it was just enough for the 4 of us.

Cheeky Duck is pricey. All the above, with one iced latte (the rest had iced water) came up to almost RM80. For that kind of money, one could just take a drive to one of the many makan places in the Tanjung Tokong or Gurney areas and eat yourself silly with just as nice or nicer meats. But then again... how often do you also get a bar well stocked with all kinds of liquor in an establishment that sells chicken/duck rice.
Straits Quay Yacht Berths
However, this is Straits Quay, where the rich stay and play. This time around, construction was ongoing for the yachts parking lot. This is where the yachts will be berthed... I guess the idea is get down from your condo or house and hop into your yacht or boat and off you go for a cruise or run, ride.. whatever they call it. I guess the next time we have our meals here, there might be a few of those rich people's toys berthed here.
One more 'treasure trove' we discovered there was this - smidapaper; a shop selling all kinds of papers for scrapbooking and other craft goodies. The downside is the price though. I went to check online for some of their products which I was interested in and the price difference was quite a lot! I am so tempted to go back and get one of their 'crafty' tools.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Cheeky and tempting - that's the pull! Is the Quay a new place?

AJ7 said...

Yup! It's a relatively new place. Shops are just opening up; by the looks of it mostly makan places. There's another one undergoing renovation while I was there.. Charlie Brown it's going to be called if my memory serves me right.

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