Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Into The Term Break

And on the 6th day I got myself back... sort of. *Grins* I didn't realize how tired I was. I didn't realize how much school had 'eaten' into me. Anyway, hopefully I'll be wiser after this... going to have to cut down on some of the silliness of being chased for all the pretentious stuff.

The last few days have been a blur of sleep.... I slept every afternoon. Again, I'm not an afternoon 'napper'. But I find myself needing the sleep. On top of it, I experienced vertigo for 2 days. Other Half says it's probably due to the lack of sleep too... and the stress at work.
Kampung Roses
And yesterday I got a bit of myself back. What I did was I pottered around my little my garden. Pruned my kampong roses at the pagar. This plant has been with me for years! I thought it would not survive the heat but it has been quite resilient. My gal and I have been trying to plant all sorts of plants from seeds. Some grew, some didn't. In the end I got confused over what is what. Been a while since my last gardening craze and I had difficulty identifying the plants.
Tomato plants
Anyway, these are my tomato plants growing from our recycled ceramic peacock fish 'pot'. My peacock fish have joined the big league and they're dwindling in numbers in the big pond. We threw in lots of plants and other stuff to compost as well before throwing in the seeds. The smaller plants are torenias which grow wild in our compound. Years ago, I bought some and they've been propagating by themselves with little or no help these last few years, adding seasonal colours to our house compound. Once they bloom they'll be quite a sight to behold.
Tomato Flowers
The tomatoes are beginning to flower. I've been putting homemade compost and organic fertilizers. Hopefully more will bloom.
Tomato seedlings
The same batch of seeds.. in a planter box under the shade. They're not growing as fast as the one out in the open. Tomato plants like lots of sun, I read. I've just moved these out to under the tree.
Tomato seedlings
Don't know what to do with these extra seedlings. They are growing rather well in the tiny pot. Maybe I'll just leave them there and make sure they get lots of water and nutrients.
Japanese Roses
So this term break... it's welcomed. It's needed.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Life is a journey and it is part of learning process! My sifu once told me.....You cannot change the direction of the wind by you can redirect your sail. Since then -past five years, I have been constantly reminding myself of this 'worldly' wisdom, be it at home or at work. I have learned prioritize is what I need for my self-preservation. Work is only work and it a place I could get extra money to put better food on the table... Enjoy your new-found liberty. Big Sis

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Give yourself a break - enjoy the week! The plants look healthy - dig the soil and tend to them. You'll feel nourished too:))


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