Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty Tea and Pizza

Tea.. beautiful tea.
Jasmine Tea
This is jasmine tea. My tea has always been just throwing in a bunch of tea leaves or a teabag into some hot water. This one is pretty... pretty tea drink. LOL! Courtesy of Joyce's mom. 8) Tea with aesthetics, not bad, don't you think?
Jasmine Tea
View from the top... it looks like there is a little patch of garden in my tea. 8) How not to be lifted when you see such a pretty drink?
On an evening when we made pizza... well, actually it was more of Other Half and our gal's project. We're currently trying our hands at pizza making with bread dough... I cleared while they fiddled with the ingredients. The kneading was left to our trusty bread machine.
The enthusiasm shows here... they were over generous with everything!!!
Ta....da!!! Came out looking perfect! And it smelt really good too... until we sliced it. You see, being over generous, the top had become so heavy that all the juices from the goodies flowed to the centre and sort of bogged it down. LOL!!!

But by the next day... after a night in the fridge, it had 'solidified' some what and after reheating it, I packed them for the kids to take to school. Son said it was better than Pizza Hut. Daughter drew some drooling stares from her friends, she said...

With all the craziness lately... this surely beats everything. Memories are made of these....


All things beautiful said...

That's the first time I see tea brewed so prettily. As for the pizza, looks good to me :-) ...I know, you omitted the "dissected" view! LOL!

illustrator said...

your latest pizza craze gave me mum and I 'new idea' for ahemmm... 'products for sale'! hahahaha
it's been many years since we did pizza. used to do it for the christmas eve big do. maybe time to bring it back.

PreciousPearl said...

wow... that tea looks impressive and the pizza definitely looks yummy!

AJ7 said...

Tea from China... I made another pot today, just to have 'pretty' tea, while watching the rain. Tea and rain. I've another different type which I've not tried yet. Creative, huh???

PP: We used sauce from Hannah as the base for the pizza! It was meant for the pasta but it was good for pizza too! LOL!

monay said...

Lovely, lovely tea... how did she do it? it reminds me of a terrarium...:) We are doing one (make it two...two kids) for our science project now with moss and maidenhair fern in a sealed glass jar, and it's lovely and alive and one neat thing is that it never needs watering!


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