Monday, March 21, 2011

Wrapping Up and Days To Come...

School term reopened for me today. I took an extra day off for family matters. It was a good trip. Kids got to play with their cousins. They got to play on the Wii. LOL! Met up with relatives not met before.
Didn't get much chance to shop but managed to grab a few things from IKEA, it was full of people as it was the last day of their Sale. We've never managed to go for any of their sales before as our trips would often fall outside their sale periods. Didn't go for our usual food adventure as the dinner the night before was heavy enough and we were in a rush to get home.

The ride home as wet.... from the time we entered the highway till we got home. Saw three accidents including the one where a bus crashed into a lorry and another lorry later crashed into it again. I saw huge rolls of papers on both sides of the road as I passed the accident site. It rained cats and dogs on the stretch after Ipoh and I had the misfortune of following behind a container lorry which insisted of hogging the fast lane in the heavy rain.... Repeated flashes from the headlight fell on blind eyes. In the end, we had to overtake him from the right. Crazy!!! Cos the terrain after Ipoh is also very windy and hilly. And this! A bus from the Education Department (with SMK Mutiara Impian painted on it) overtook me.... and I was going at 110kmph. It shot out of sight after a while! Even government buses don't honour the speed limit for heavy vehicles which is supposed to be capped at 90 kmph for highways! And I'm sure many notice too that police officers don't buckle up when they are driving. Somehow, the uniform gives them immunity!

Came back to school and changes were afoot! One welcomed and the other with mixed feelings. And the former has put halt to my train of thoughts about taking some time off from work - to be a lady of leisure. LOL! Been feeling tired lately; compounded by load at work.

Days ahead of some running around. I'm actually a little lazy to move around but getting out of school is oft a welcomed break from the 'madness' as well as routine. Too much routine and control can be stifling and can induce madness.... LOL! Anyway, interesting days ahead, not just where work is concerned.

Sarawak State election is coming! Cans of worms will be opened. There'll be plenty looking for worm to can and open later. Poor worms... they are most probably the real victims here, being labelled dirty and all that when they do a lot of good. Ha! Ha! There'll be dirty laundry to be washed... and dried. But seems to be money still buys a lot... using money for the battle of hearts for votes. That's how politics is all about actually. How do you explain people expected to vote in the CM despite his obscene amount of wealth???
Baby Julia
Dropped by to see Baby Julia... but she slept the whole time we were there. Can't blame her. The weather was perfect for such a pleasure; it was raining! All babies look the same - they are all cute! Cute used to be defined as "ugly but adorable' in the dictionary of my day. These days, they are defined as pretty, dainty, sweet.... meanings change with the passage of time too! Newborn babes look almost the same, huh? Round bald heads....

Don't know what we'll do without the GPS. It seemed so yesterday that Other Half knew KL roads like the back of his palm. But they've changed too much for us to make sense of. Everywhere, roads are bigger, wider and every trip out is like opening the cash register non-stop. Toll here, parking there, toll beyond... the cash register never stops ringing! I'd pick Alor Setar over KL anytime. It's a world of mad rush over there. And the people!!! Everywhere you see 'em.... I enjoy my little space (which is also getting a bit more cramped) here any time. KL is maddening... everywhere, you see cars parked by the kerbs, empty spaces.... cars and more cars everywhere!!! And the air... let me not even start with that!

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