Thursday, March 3, 2011

I for 'Inverted Cranial Rectumitis'

Another one for my alphabet series. Decided to skip a few other alphabets and get to 'I' first. I... the egoistical self. The I is made up of the id, ego and super-ego, according to Freud. I studied Psychology... long time ago. Hence the familiarity with all these Freudian jargons... which may be a little archaic by today's standard. I is very often full of delusional fantasies and puffed up ego.

Anyway, I'm going for the Inverted Cranial Rectumitis (ICR) for I; quite a mouthful for one alphabet made by one straight line and a dot. ICR in the Urban Dictionary basically means head in the butt. People with ICR basically runs everyone down; cos since their head is in their butt, they don't see much of anything else except the insides of their butt. The 'I' becomes magnified after prolonged contact with the butt residents.

They have this super inflated ego which makes them feel that they are sitting on the throne and everyone must bow down to them, that their words are their commands to be obeyed. And that everything they say is the gospel truth! ICRs come in all sizes... from the very top to the bottom of the monkey tree. Today we've a new term for the little ICRs - Little Napoleans. People with ICR suffers from the Napolean complex too, minus the 'short' part. Power gets into their heads and they behave like the feudal lords. People with ICR are generally a pain in the butt too... what to do? The head is in the wrong place, hence the pain. And because their head is in the wrong place, they tend to be rather myopic too... tunnel vision only since the butt kinda limits their line of sight too... And because their heads are in the butt too, they can't hear very well which makes them really lousy listeners. Also, since space is a premium in the butt, people with ICR too don't know how to compromise... cos they feel they need to forever assert and claim their position. The butt is not a very conducive place for positive growth...

Why do people suffer from ICR? Could it be from the lack of something?? IQ, EQ or coloured by prejudices? Natural meanness.... is there such a thing? Long time ago, I read that social psychologists claim that there's this bad genes that make people do bad things... So, we those who take pleasure in being a freakish pain to everyone around them.

Muammar Gaddafi says his people love him... and he's bombing them to stay in power. A classic case of an ICR... in the last few months, we've seen quite a few of his likes being kicked in their butt. People with ICR... they really make nerves fray.

And what is more horrifying, ICR people breed many more ICRs. Somehow, it's always easy to breed the negative. It's far easier to bring out the worst in a person than the best. I've also noticed how we pounce on the negative and help it take another life of its own...

Ah! Welcomed weekend... a break from all these. Been a freakishly lousy week.... nerves are fraying. I need grace. I need to be gracious.

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