Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look! No Wires... HP 1536dnf MPF

This is definitely fun... printing and scanning minus the cables... the HP 1536nfd MPF, our new network printer! 8)

Our Canon MF4350d kaput-ed for the 3rd time in as many months, same problem I think since we've been getting the same Error Message. Our dumb luck to end up with a unit that is faulty. Anyway, each time it goes to the printer hospital, it stays a long time. Sales service is good. Can't say the same for service. We were sold by the durability our old Canon MF5750 and when it gave way after 5 years of heavy use, we got a Canon MF4350d as its replacement. But before its first birthday was even over, we were already getting its Error 225 message. Went into the forums and discovered that it seems a common problem.

We thought we could trust a name... cos our older model, the MF 5750 was totally reliable and hardy. Learned one lesson through this... a good name with a positive experience is not good enough to guarantee another good experience. I am totally cheesed off by Canon this time around, especially the slow service.

It's now back to the printer hospital... don't know how long it will be incarcerated there. Anyway, we decided to return to HP. Got a HP1536dnf MFP cos it's supposed to be Mac-friendly and is one of the printers that supports AirPrint. The Canon will be a spare when it comes back... probably in a couple weeks' time.
HP 1536dnf
It's totally cool to be able to scan on the fly this being a network printer.... LOL! We've had to fix a printer switch for the different computers and it's nice to just be sitting on the couch and press print... and ta-da... the printed sheet appears. Same thing for scanning though you have to get up and put the pile of papers in the document feeder. Totally cool!!!

Now to see whether this printer lasts. Our first HP Printer, I think, was the HP Laserjet 5L which we gave to a friend some years back. It's still going strong. It's at least 10 years old I think! So, we're hoping that perhaps this latest addition of HP will be equally hardy.

These days, the things don't seem to be made to last.... 8(


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, u will be surprised it could be the faulty ink cartridge. So, check it b4 you send to the clinic.

Daniel said...

This printer looks like office grade machine lah haha


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