Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taman Jubli Emas..New Park in Alor Star

This poster is all over the town. So after dinner Lil Rainbow, bro, mom and dad decided to go check the out the place. I think the last time I passed the Suka Menanti area was last year and they were just filling up the paddy fields with soil. Anyway, this was what awaited us today....some semblance of a park. The 20-hectare Taman Jubli Emas is to commerate the 50th year of Sultan Abdul Halim's 50 years rule. There is another park known as Taman Rimba Jubli Perak to commerate the silver jubilee located near the Wisma Negeri. This is one 'monument' that stands out....a huge 'tengkolok' surrounded by some keris. I asked the guard whether we could take a drive in but he said it will only be opened to the public on the 5th. So I took some snapshots of the surrounding areas. This is the entrance to the park. The trees are not fully grown...will take a couple of years for them to mature and give shade.From the park, we could hear instructions being given out. Upon closer inspection, I saw hundreds of schoolchildren seated on the ground. Guess they are rehearsing for the opening night. Heard the name of SMK Tunku Abdul Malik being mentioned by the trainer. Anyway, come 5th August, Alor Star will have another park. For those staying in the vicinity of Suka Menanti, this will surely add value to their properties. 8)As we were about to leave, son pointed out this...caught in the burning. It's haze season now and this is definitely adding to the already poor air quality. This is what the paddy farmers do and the authorities usually close an eye to it.For those with allergic rhinitis, this is probbly a terrible time for them to be in Kedah cos the air is full of allergens that can set off asthmatic attacks. Read this... today's The Star; it's about the haze making a comeback again. Forest burning, hotspots in Sumatra and this...paddy field burning! We just never seem to learn!

Here's the's an old pic, not updated yet but at least it shows the exact spot. 8)


ppearl said...

...avoid breathing >.< adoi

AJ7 said...

how to dat mah die! another bad time is the early part of the year...when it is dry. Air will be full of the fine stuff that plants produce!

Anonymous said...

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